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    5E A Shield spell that Scales

    Shield is an example of a spell that doesn't scale at all. For higher level casters, the cost is a cheap 1st level slot and your reaction. I wanted to see if I can make it a spell that scales with slot level a bit, so you have reason to use not-level-1 slots on it. This spell no longer grants...
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    certificate expired

    Your website certificate expired about 15 minutes ago. Seems suboptimal.
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    5E Elemental Sorcerer Spell ideas

    Acid Stream - the sorcerer-only 1st-level evocation - has made me think again with the thematic problem with the sorcerer. Namely, there are a bunch of elemental sorcerer types, but there is a shortage of elemental themed spells for them. Acid Stream is a 1st level spell that shoots a stream...
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    5E "Fixing" assassinate.

    So the Rogue assassin level 3 feature has some issues. The biggest of which is that the best use of it is in a non-rogues hands, like a Gloomstalker/Paladin. But another important issue is that it relies in a lot of DM and Party cooperation in getting surprise. Here is a go at it: Assassinate...
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    5E Dispelling Permanent spells

    By the rules as written, dispelling a teleportation circle, hallow or other permanent spell effect is ridiculously easy. Any character able to cast 3rd level spells can do it with at worst a few days of work. And Hallow is a 5th level spell that requires 1000 gp of money and 24 hours to...
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    5E #BOOMBIGGEN - 2 action spellcasting

    Inspired by a hashtag over in the "remove damage cantrips" thread, I though how we could make spells hurt more while maintaining some semblance of balance. This is my attempt: #BOOMBIGGEN Most spells (includign cantrips) that take 1 action to cast now take 2 actions. Casting a 2 action spell...
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    General Replacing 1d20 with 3d6 is nearly pointless

    It turns out that, in a roll over/under system, replacing 1d20 with 3d6 doesn't do much of what people want. Mostly what it actually does is double bonuses and DCs, outside of crit hit/miss zones. Change attribute bonuses to be (stat - 10), halved for damage. Make AC delta from 10 double --...
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    5E [Unearthed Banana] Alternative Class Features

    Inspired by UA, my go at it. Design notes in italic. Barbarian These changes are aimed at two things. The first, and probably most important, is to remove the low-level Barbarians dependency on Great Weapon Master to put out damage. The synergy with reckless attack is simply so large that...
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    5E Playing D&D with my 6 year old

    So I'm planning on playing an adventure with my 6 year old, who has expressed lots of interest in playing D&D. We've built a character -- a Storm Sorceress Noble. Picking spells was quite fun -- she is very excited about mage hand, minor illusion and disguise self. Also crossbow and true...
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    4E [4e] Eldritch Knight

    Eldritch Knight I traded my soul to protect others. What are you doing with yours? Prerequisite: Warlock class, Warlock's Curse class feature, Defender role Most warlocks are more concerned for saving their own skin than their allies. However, a few warlocks chose the path of power not for...
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    Essentials-style Ranger

    The Archer build. Hunter's Aim When making a ranged basic attack with a bow against your nearest target, roll twice and take either roll. Perfect Shot: Gain the Perfect Shot encounter power: Perfect Shot + Level 1 Ranger Encounter Attack Power The arrow flies true. Encounter + Free Action...
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    Multiclass Paragon Paths: Raging Beast, Eldrich Knight

    So I'm working on a pair of "Multiclass paragon paths". To be more specific, paragon paths that require two different classes each, and work towards merging them. These can be used by traditional multiclass characters, or by hybrid characters, in order to form a more perfect union. Does...