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    General Sword & Sandals campaign ideas

    Lame ass problem: I promised my players a sword & sandals campaign. Something like Conan but set in ancient Athas (Dark Sun post Rajaat's murder but before the Wars of cleansing have ended.) Its a mash up that checks a lot of boxes for us. BUT I AM BLANKING ON PLOT! I can think of dozens of...
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    6E Class features with drawbacks

    In another thread we spent some time discussing the merits and flaws of the Barbarian's Frenzy ability from 5e. I don't want to rehash that whole conversation, but it did strike me as odd that the Frenzy feature has a significant benefit, and a scaling penalty depending on number of times it is...
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    5E It is OK for a class to be the worst

    Since day 1 of 5e, and probably RPGs in general, someone always seems to bring up a "fix" for their favorite class. The problem i have is that no 5e class really needs it. Is there a disparity between the best and worst? Of course, and that is OK. Its natural. In a list of things there will...