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  1. seasong

    Publishers - email me about e23 and you!

    SJ Games owns e23. In fact, e23 was originally set up to sell SJ Games products! But we had a store front, all shiny and new, and so we went ahead and starting selling other publishers through it as well, and over the past two years, we've grown that side of the business a fair amount. The...
  2. seasong

    Shilling for e23? Or any other online retailer?

    Is it kosher, in the Publisher forum (or somewhere else, if it would be more appropriate elsewhere), to: - Pitch to publishers on behalf of e23 as an online retailer? - Discuss the math in regards to OneBookShelf's (exclusive) vs. (non-exclusive plus e23) contract terms? I can understand if EN...
  3. seasong

    Playing with U_K's CR system

    The most valuable thing for me about Upper Krust's CR system (aside from the fact that it seems to work pretty well) is the ability to design a creature or race without doing a lot of comparison builds, and still coming up with a reasonable CR/ECL. So I'm posting this thread as a kind of sandbox...
  4. seasong

    Magic Item Pricing - Demon Armor

    Okay, surely I'm missing something in this... Demon armor is: MW full plate - 1,800 gp MW d10 weapon claws - at a guess, 160 + 300 gp (460 gp) +4 enhancement - 16,000 gp +1 weapon enhancement - 2,000 gp The contagion ability - the above leaves 32,000 gp Contagion is a 3rd level spell. At the...
  5. seasong

    J. Anson having problems posting.

    From another board I was talking with him on: He's deleted all of his old cookies, he's using the 'enworld.org' address, and according to the vBulletin boards, he should be good to go with 1.4 of Mozilla. It looks like his permission has been revoked, rather than a technical issue. Any chance...
  6. seasong

    Hethas' Gambit continued [top of rnd 8]

    Links Original Discussion Thread Continuation 1 Continuation 2 This is Continuation 3 Link to the GAME and the RULES and the MAP -seasong
  7. seasong

    No negative ability score modifiers?

    My idea is this: ability scores give a flat +1/2 the score (rounded down). Thus, a STR of 8 gives a +4 to hit and damage. Most things won't actually change, but there won't be whacky, weird things like "a STR 8 person wielding a one-handed weapon with both hands does LESS damage" or "a DEX 8...
  8. seasong

    Feats for my setting

    This is part of the house rules for the setting I'm working on. There's somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 feats in this, of which somewhere between 150 and 200 are taken from other sources, including the Revised SRD (the rest are original to me) If you like 'em, or find something broken, let...
  9. seasong

    Thinkin' 'bout magic item creation

    I usually try to have something more fully worked out before I post it here, but I'm really hitting a bleak, black wall of writer's block when it comes to this. I kind of know what I want, but I don't entirely know how to balance it well. So, here's my two thoughts and urges: 1. The XP cost...
  10. seasong

    Metamagic List

    I'm working on a campaign setting, and I thought I'd post the metamagic feats I'm using here. Suggestions, critiques, other metamagic feats, etc., are welcome. Notes: Lasting Spell was created by Nik Perez (Technik4). Lingering Touch Spell and Magnify Spell were created by Alex White (Plane...
  11. seasong

    SRD Out Soon?

    More and more posts of "I have the 3.5 books!" going up, and each day I check the SRD site and it still says 04/08/03. Is there any word on when the SRD will be updated? For that matter, isn't Dieties & Demigods and/or Epic Level Handbook going into the SRD sometime in the next month or so? I...
  12. seasong

    Hethas' Gambit: Game of Death discussion [rnd 5]

    Links Original Discussion Thread Continuation 1 This is Continuation 2... Link to the GAME and the RULES and the MAP Point Totals Round 01 clockworkjoe (3 pts) (Marius, PC) +2: Bad Odds 4:1 (Master, Blaster, Unth & Antony) (Special) +1: Sif, for surviving an astounding amount of damage in 1...
  13. seasong

    369: Days seasong's been here, or just another numeric sequence?

    Yup, I've been on ENWorld for one year and four days, as of a few hours ago. Lots of love for all o' y'all, straight from the heart of Texas.
  14. seasong

    Scratch Pad: Mornelith Free City

    Sketching out ideas for a setting. Feel free to comment. A single wide continental strip of land stretches roughly 10,000 miles from east to west on a severely tilted and tide-locked (with the sun) planet. The south pole angles toward the sun, and the southernmost 500-1,000 miles (north-south)...
  15. seasong

    The YAARGH Armor Revision

    I am displeased with the armor-wearing feats, especially since one can theoretically change whether or not you know how to wear a particular type of armor by making it out of mithral. I am displeased with the fact that heavy armor, despite immensely greater costs, is only marginally better, and...
  16. seasong

    seasong's Light Against the Dark III (Sep 29th)

    Light Against the Dark I and (PDF version) Light Against the Dark II (PDF version coming soon) The Character Sheets The Website In brief summary: Our heroes, Bellos, Greppa and Merideth, are citizens of the city-state Theralis, devoted to bringing their home through the developing crises...
  17. seasong

    Pimp Poll: Updating Schedules?

    This poll has two parts, multiple choices allowed. 1. How often do you update your story hour? Every day, a few days a week, weekly, monthly, annually, or just "when I feel like it"? Post specifics or special cases below (along with a link to your story hour :D). 2. Finally, how often do you...
  18. seasong

    Posting Glitch?

    http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=881911#post881911 In the process of making one post, I seem to have posted some 20+ times in the space of a few seconds. I only hit the submit button once, so I don't know WHAT happened. It shouldn't have even been possible, I thought, to...
  19. seasong

    NPC Class: Holy Warrior

    This is one of the little house rules I'm hammering out for my Diandi setting. The reason for this new NPC class is much the same as the reason for the priest NPC class - the cleric class doesn't make a good NPC. This is not to be confused with the holy warrior PC class from Book of the...
  20. seasong

    Clerics & Spontaneous Domain Spells

    The NPC priest class I designed uses spontaneous domain spells instead of spontaneous cure spells (a priest with the healing domain would be an exception). I am now considering extending that benefit to the cleric. This would change some balance points of the cleric fairly significantly...