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  1. crazy_monkey1956

    Where'd the Collector's Guides go?

    Apologies if I missed a notification - are some of the wiki pages being worked on or something? Echohawk's Collector's Guides seemed to have poofed. Thanks in advance.
  2. crazy_monkey1956

    Echohawk's Collector's Guides Index

    Editions Miscellaneous D&D - includes OD&D and other odds and ends; for BECMI, see Mystara in the settings section 1st Edition 2nd Edition 3rd Edition - includes 3.5 4th Edition D&D Next PDF Collector's Guide Settings Al-Qadim Birthright Blackmoor Dark Sun Dragonlance Eberron Forgotten...
  3. crazy_monkey1956

    [Colorado Springs, CO] Looking for a couple of Dark Sun players

    I'm planning on starting up a D&D 4th Edition Dark Sun campaign for "grown ups" (ie, mature themes and exploring Dark Sun in all its brutal glory) in the new year. Our current group needs one or two more players for Sunday nights. Also note that I will be blogging about this campaign on the...
  4. crazy_monkey1956

    Who should play game designers in a movie?

    Exhibit A: The Actor Exhibit B: The Role (fourth one down) Anyone else? :D
  5. crazy_monkey1956

    Best Published Setting for "Sandbox" Campaign?

    First, I'm not terribly concerned with what edition the setting was or is published for, game mechanics are something of a secondary concern (though it should preferably be something published for any edition of D&D or Pathfinder). What published setting is best for just dumping the PCs into...
  6. crazy_monkey1956

    A Special Note to the Silvergard Players

    Amaury, Arkhandus, Ethandrew, Helfdan, Jemal, Shadowmask, Voda Vosa, and Yttermayn. What started with you and a little game called Tragedy at Silvergard has culminated, three and a half years later, in a job at a certain company of arcane magic-users located on the coast. So, thank you. :D...
  7. crazy_monkey1956

    New D&D Movie in the works?

    Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness Has anyone heard anything else about this?
  8. crazy_monkey1956

    PF1E Pathfinder Campaign based on Babylon 5

    For those familiar with Babylon 5, I need some help casting a Pathfinder race/monster as the Shadows. I'm basing my campaign on the overall story arc of Babylon 5 and I need a bad guy to fill the role the Shadows played in the show. So far I have... Humans = Humans Elves = Religious Caste...
  9. crazy_monkey1956

    Brief Monkey Hiatus

    Taking some time off from the online world to sort out my priorities in the real world. Once that's done, I'll be re-integrating back into online endeavors slowly and may drop a few here and there. Myth and Holy Man, since I don't actually have characters submitted to your new games yet, feel...
  10. crazy_monkey1956

    [D&D 3.5][FR] Silverdale (IC)

    Silverdale With a population of only about one hundred able bodied men and women and their families, this tiny speck on the map faces an uphill battle. Established by the Dales Council, the town is meant to be a trade stop and defensive position at the mouth of the Shadow Gap. The town...
  11. crazy_monkey1956

    3E/3.5 [D&D 3.5: FR] Silverdale Rogue's Gallery

    Here you will find the Player Characters for Crazy Monkey's Silverdale PbP. Character Roster with XP totals, unclaimed loot, and other notes will appear in this post once we get started.
  12. crazy_monkey1956

    4E Off the Grid: 4E without minis or maps...

    Can it be done? Can 4th Edition be played with narrative style combat? If so, how have you gone about doing it? In what ways must the rules be adapted to take the game "Off the Grid?"
  13. crazy_monkey1956

    [OOC] [D&D 3.5: FR] Silverdale

    About 50 miles north of Tilverton, just beyond the Shadow Gap in the Desertsmouth Mountains, the Dales Council has commissioned the creation of a fort and a small community to guard the gap: Silverdale. The tiny community, numbering only 100 souls so far, mostly soldiers and their families...
  14. crazy_monkey1956

    Where'd the buttons go?

    First, forgive my lack of technical expertise. Second, where did the buttons go? The line of them acorss the mid-top of the page, regardless of where you were, that linked to everything (forums, blogs, news, etc). I have the front news page bookmarked but without the buttons, I had a hard...
  15. crazy_monkey1956

    Never Played 1st Edition

    I went from the red box Basic D&D straight to AD&D 2nd Edition, skipping AD&D 1st Edition entirely. Well, I recently acquired the 1E core books + MM2, Dungeoneer's Survival Guide, Oriental Adventures, and Fiend Folio and I'm seriously thinking about giving it a try. Problem is, just paging...
  16. crazy_monkey1956

    Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition

    Green Ronin Announces M&M 3rd Edition The press release answers one of my questions about whether M&M and the new DC RPG will be compatible. They will both be using the 3rd edition version of M&M.
  17. crazy_monkey1956

    Best Undersea Supplements?

    Monkey is going to be running an undersea campaign very soon and is looking to round out some of the options and world and such. What are the better 3.0/3.5 era undersea oriented books? I already know of The Deep from Mystic Eye Games and Stormwrack from WotC. Are there any others?
  18. crazy_monkey1956

    Print Dragon Collectibility and Pricing?

    Monkey is thinking about selling his print Dragon magazines but isn't sure what a reasonable asking price might be for #359 (final print issue and something of a collector's item). Any body out there got any suggestions?
  19. crazy_monkey1956

    PF1E Pathfinder...In Space!

    I'm thinking of doing a Dragonstar/Spelljammer like campaign, using Pathfinder rules. First, any mechanical issues with adding guns and technology to Pathfinder? Any suggestions on how such things would interact with the Pathfinder rules? Second, I'm thinking of doing an Expert style class...
  20. crazy_monkey1956

    Monte Cook's WoD in a fantasy setting

    I'm wondering if anyone has ever attempted to use Monte Cook's World of Darkness in a fantasy style setting, rather than the regular, modern style setting of the book. In other words, taking the vampire, werewolf, mage, demon, and awakened character archetypes of McWoD and making them the...