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    Advice for Caves of Chaos/B2

    So, I'm running a 1e version of Keep on the Borderlands. I'm struggling with how to make the caves interesting. It takes sooooooooo long to level up in 1e, that I'm afraid they won't have the juice for the rest of it. Plus . . . honestly, it's kind of boring. I want to spruce it up a bit. Any...
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    5E How would you make a trap not detectable as a trap?

    Like the title says, how would you make a trap not detectable as a trap?
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    5E Is there any resource like this?

    Is there a resource anywhere that would tell you what abilities characters gain and what levels? For purposes of planning/building adventures.
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    5E Has anyone run Cloud Giant's Bargain yet?

    I'm running it at my FLGS tonight in Richmond, VA (OEJ) and I'm pretty stoked. It's a one shot, so I've got 5th level pregens. Any advice? Anything quirky come up when you ran it or played in it?
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    5E DM'ing again after a LONG absence

    Hey Everyone, I've been pretty much out of gaming since 4e came out. I've played in a few games and have read the rules, getting ready to run my first game in a long time. I have a world that I've created and I want to sandbox it. Anyone have experience running this type of game? Any...
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    Looking for an adventure from one of the magazines

    I'm looking for this 3e/3.5e adventure I ran a long time ago. I'm pretty sure it was from either Dungeon Magazine or Dragon Magazine. I believe it was called "Race against time". It was like a scavenger hunt kinda thing with bombs and a time limit. Does anyone know or can point me toward where I...
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    4E 4e Nilbog

    Anyone make one? Anyone care to make a stab at it?
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    Help me design a challenge

    Running an adventure for 4 20th level characters. I want it to have something to do with Undead and mind flayers. Any ideas? These guys are all very experienced players, so it has to be tough.
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    What, no evil PC's

    Was reading the entry for Paladin in the new PHB and it said something along the lines of PC's not being able to be paladins. A quick look over the rest of the book, and it doesn't really give any options for evil PC's. Are any of you playing evil PC's and how is it going?
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    4E 4e Tumble. How do you do that?

    Is there a tumble skill? If you aren't trained in it, would you allow your players to do it, and if so, how? Any help is appreciated.
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    3rd party 4e products?

    Anyone know of anything coming out?
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    What is the name of the site I'm thinking of...

    It's a massive play by message board site, all different kinds of games, I used to post in it all the time, but I've forgotten the name. Wish I could be more specific, but I don't remember. Anyone got a clue what I'm talking about?
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    4E 4E Nilbog, anyone???

    Any ideas???
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    online play by post games?

    Anyone know where I can find a good one?
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    DM looking for players in Richmond, VA

    Hey all, I'm not looking for a full-time group. I want to run a lot right now, so I'm gonna run a one-off. Starting 1st level characters, only books allowed are Core Books (phb, dmg, expanded Psionics) and stuff from Unearthed Arcana on a case - by - case basis. Please email me at...
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    What are the differences between 1e and 2e?

    I played 1e for years, then basically went to 3.0 (with brief, not enough to tell foray into 2e). My question is this: What were the differences between 1st Edition and 2nd editon?
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    Looking for 1e Players in Richmond, VA

    Hey all, So I picked up the 1e books the other day, just for nostalgia, and they wouldn't let go! These things are awesome!! Don't get me wrong: I love 3.x, but I had a longing I couldn't control. Therefore, I am looking to run a 1e campaign. If you are interested (and you live in or can...
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    Doing away with the battlemat

    In reading the 1e feelings thread, I saw an interesting idea: give up the battlemat. It makes combat faster and more cinematic. At first thought, my 3.x gorge began to rise. "But how will you do AoO then?". Then I began to smile. As a DM, there's nothing I hate more than deciding to have my...
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    Opinions Needed - Variant Spell DC Rule

    Hey all, I have been using a rule for a bit that I wanted to get some opinions on. I've DM'ed mostly at lower levels, but now we're moving up a bit. The basic problem is this: I believe a Sleep spell that's cast by a 20th level wizard should be more effective than one cast by a 1st level...