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  1. ByOdinsBeardRPG

    5E Pricing question for the DMs and GMs out there

    Hi all, I'm finding my way around indie TTRPG publishing. How much would you expect to pay for a physical copy of an A5-sized 5e adventure module? 54 pages 10 dungeon rooms 6-8 hour for 3-5 level 1 characters 20 illustrations Full colour cover I've currently priced it at £17.99 on Amazon...
  2. ByOdinsBeardRPG

    Release [5e] The Howling Caverns (introductory horror adventure)

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, still finding my way. I'm a writer, illustrator, and indie publisher. Last year I published my first module on DriveThruRPG, The Howling Caverns, and had a limited print run. I've now reprinted the module and it's more widely available in the UK (still sorting out...