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  1. darjr

    5E A Song of Elturel

  2. darjr

    Tales From the Loop free for one day!

    Ennie award winning Tales From the Loop is free for one day!
  3. darjr

    5E Beadle and Grimm in miniature!

    Is it OK that I know what a bugbear in heat smells like?
  4. darjr

    5E Wendy’s sponsoring Critical Role?

    I think I’m eating lunch at Wendy’s wearing D&D gear, or Nuke-Con gear. Thursday or would Friday make more sense? or Thursday dinner?
  5. darjr

    5E Kit bashing an Infernal war machine?

    Which of these would make a good start to kitnashing my own infernal war machine. anyone else doing it?
  6. darjr

    5E Descent made publishers weekly top 5!

    Descent made publishers weekly top #5 Thanks to @M.T. Black Congrats WotC!
  7. darjr

    PF2 Basics of PF2 YouTube video series

    First one of a series.
  8. darjr

    5E Death Saves gem stone dice

    From Death Saves The Dice you have been waiting for... Presenting our first official set of RPG dice - the Death Saves DEATH DICE! These beautiful artifacts were crafted by our friends at Norse Foundry in an eye catching white gemstone material and featuring our Death Saves skull logo as the...
  9. darjr

    5E Cheap craft displacer beasts - miniature mashup

    I don’t quite know what it is about his videos that I find so fun, but I do. I kinda giggle a lot. But this one is also useful. They look pretty cool! I might use different bases.
  10. darjr

    5E Deborah Ann Wolls Lost Odyssey

    What is this? Is this to be streamed or live audience only or both?
  11. darjr

    5E Kobold Press Deep Magic Kickstsr

    And now the Kickstarter is LIVE and Funded! Oh! The magic runs deep! Deep Magic Kickstarter tease? Anyone know anything about this? Is it 5e?
  12. darjr

    5E D&D Adventurer’s League swag contest!

    The D&D Adventurer’s League folks had some great swag when they escaped from Hell (USA) and are giving some of it away!
  13. darjr

    5E Descent artists shares some of their art

    Max Dunbar has been sharing some of his concept art, neat NOC portraits among them. Claudio Pozas shared his panels for “Zariels Fall” my favorite is the “Paladin in hell” panel!
  14. darjr

    5E Deborah Ann Woll signed D&D items charity auction

    There is a signed soul coin tote bag and signed WotC Decent sticker set.
  15. darjr

    Displacer Beast plushie at Gameholecon

    Gameholecon makes a limited plushie for each con. This year is a Displacer Beast!
  16. darjr

    5E Descent Amazon debut ranking

    Descent into Avernus is at 73 as of now, Amazon sales rank. The PHB is at 54.
  17. darjr

    5E New Cover for Eberron: Rising from the Last War

    The new cover for the upcoming Eberron: Rising From the Last War has been revealed by WotC. This cover by Wesley Burt depicts a warforged wizard and their halfing companion in the Demon Wastes. Jeremy Crawford and Greg Tito discuss the new cover in this video. A couple of weeks ago, Jeremy...
  18. darjr

    5E Hell Creek Campground D&D event

    A friend of mine is at the Hell Creek Campground event and look at this swag! Anyone else there?