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    Medieval Warfare and its Effects on Society/Economics

    TLDR: Outside of plundering and pillaging, what kind of effects did war have on society and the economy of a kingdom as a whole? Hey everyone I was wanting to pick the minds of others and see if I could get some tips on my setting. I have a world in which a war is brewing between two kingdoms...
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    5E Homebrew Question About Legal Matters

    I am working on a homebrew PDF that I will be handing out to players who join my game. I made a world for a book I wrote long ago, and have decided to change up some of the races to better fit with my world. To set the record straight, I do not plan on publishing this book, I will only be...
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    5E Contracts of the Nefarious Kind

    So I am looking to run a haunted manor type game for my group as a Halloween celebration type of thing. The idea or goal is that the group will hopefully be driven into the manor to seek shelter from a pretty nasty storm. They will find it empty and abandoned for who knows how long, with...
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    5E [Homebrew] Suggested Books for Homebrewing DM

    So I run my own Homebrew based on the 5E rules and I have the PHB, DMG, MM, Volo's Guide, and the Tome of Beasts. Yesterday I was at the comic book shop and found a 4th edition book "Open Grave Secrets to the Undead" and figured that while it is 4E it gives me some ideas of lore and I can always...
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    5E Clarification on Extra Attack and Colossus Slayer

    So during an encounter, my ranger was going to attack a creature that was at max HP. It was asked, since she gets an "extra attack" after the first attack, would colossus slayer apply to the extra attack. As I read it, extra attack lets you take another attack when you take the Attack Action...
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    5E Cantrips and Components

    Already answered.