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  1. vecna00

    Keith Baker announces Project Raptor!

    There has been speculation about a Facebook/Twitter page that's popped up called "KB Presents." It initially looked like either a community project or an adventure path designed by Eberron creator's Keith Baker's industry friends for the DM's Guild. It is in fact something that Keith himself is...
  2. vecna00

    5E Eberron Hardcover Announcement Incoming?

    I theorized that it would happen around the one-year anniversary of the release of the Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron, along with another PDF for a different setting, but something was brought up in the Eberron Enthusiasts group on Facebook...
  3. vecna00

    5E Campaign PDF Speculation

    We're coming up on the one-year anniversary of Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron being stealth dropped on the DM's Guild and I'm curious if WotC will do something similar this year. Last year, it was announced along with Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica and dropped that same day. The GGtR was leaked...
  4. vecna00

    Announcement after The Descent

    I was watching the latest Spoilers & Swag and Nathan Stewart dropped a bit of a bomb towards the very end: "I will spoil one thing, that I think June, after The Descent, we're gonna follow up The Descent with another major announcement. Major AF." It starts at about 58:46, in the event the link...
  5. vecna00

    For the Eberron fans: Morgrave Miscellany is now available

    Morgrave Miscellany stealth dropped today. Here's the link for those interested:
  6. vecna00

    DM's Day Sale on DM's Guild...with 5e conversions of old modules?

    The Dm's Guild is having a DM's Day sale, selling bundles of old adventures. They're also including conversions to 5e that have been created by community authors. Check it out here: Here's a sample!
  7. vecna00

    5E Announcement coming February 6th

    During today's D&D Fireside chat with the Director of D&D Nathan Stewart, it was mentioned that the new product announcement would take place on February 6th...unless Nathan Stewart spills the beans himself on February 2nd, during the next Fireside Chat. We're almost there, folks!
  8. vecna00

    5E D&D Beyond video on Mind Flayers

    So I just watched this...and Mike Mearls gets a bit off-topic for what seems like half the video. I think we may have an idea as to what is coming next!
  9. vecna00

    5E Idea for removing the ability score cap...

    I'm not a huge fan of the stat cap in D&D Next. I had thought it was just something they were doing for the playtest, and was a bit disappointed that it stuck around for the final version of the game. Now, I understand why it was done and I'm cool with that, but I want to remove that cap...