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    Gamers Wanted! Payette, Idaho, seeking players 5e or OSR game

    Anyone in or near Payette, Idaho that might be interested in playing in a 5th edition D&D or an old school style D&D game? I'm looking at putting together a weekly game.
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    Crazy rumor: Nintendo buying D&D or WotC, please debunk or confirm

    As usual with posts or comments on FaceBook, this rumor was put forward without any citation. I asked the commenter to provide links to the information and was told he checked his sources and confirmed the info, no link provided. I thought it might be worth coming here to get info to counter the...
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    5E Color me baffled - attack bonus in Next

    I'll admit it, I have not been paying too much attention to the playtest documents for a long time. I'm now skimming the final public playtest packet and getting confused about attack bonus for the classes. Unless I am missing something (very likely) then it appears that a fighter and a mage of...
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    Playtest report and pages of thoughts.

    Since I have a bunch of stuff showing the thought process before playtest and the playtest description followed by the after play discussion and thoughts, I think it would be easier to just point to the pages on my blog where they are. The Dice Are A Lie However, here is the crux of where I...
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    Help me find a spell on EN World forums.

    Several years back someone posted a spell named Petal Rain on the forums. If it didn't get eaten in a server tranfer can you good people help me locate it? My search so far keeps leading to the Story hour forum, but I don't have time to read through to see if it is actually there. Thanks!
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    Thought excersize: A nod to history what do we put in the books.

    Here's an idea that can be discussed without edition warring and it can be fun to think about. If we are determining what goes in the opening salvo of products, what do we put in them if we are giving a nod to the hostory of the game. Example: A beginners Basic box - Do we keep it similar to...
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    5E 5e, some thoughts.

    Currently we have very little information to go on about how 5e will work. However, with what little we have heard, it sounds to me as if the designers are making an honest effort to take the best elements of the various editions and make them work together so that people liking various styles...
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    OSR Labyrinth Lord, sandbox style, Frederick, Maryland

    The Lost Baronies of Lendore Isle: Uses the Labyrinth Lord retro clone of the Moldvay/Cook Basic/Expert books from 1981. (see link below) The game takes place at my home in Frederick so that my supply of props and materials is at hand. Meet twice a month, first and third Saturday 1pm start...
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    Celebrity D&D - redux

    There have been a number of threads over the years regarding who one would want to play D&D with. I've really had a difficult time cioming to a clear decision, until now. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May of the UK version of Top Gear. Without a doubt these guys would likely get...
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    A thought about the drop in the book schedule.

    It just hit me that maybe the real reason for backing off the publishing schedule of books is to avoid having a lot of material hanging out in the wind with the uncertainty about the possible Borders bankruptcy. The entire book and magazine publishing industry stands to take a hard hit if...
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    Frederick, Maryland - DM seeking players.

    I have a new 4e campaign about to launch and need a few more players that can regularly attend. The game will be sandbox style through heroic tier and will expand to include more plots upon hitting paragon tier. Send me a PM if potentially interested.
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    4E Please recomend iPad apps for DMing 4e.

    Looking for recommendations with pros/cons of iPad apps for DMing 4e. If you like a single app to cover the bases, great, if you like multiple apps to get the job done, that is fine too. Let me know what you prefer and why please. The list can also include apps for making/editing audio, etc...
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    Looking for feedback (campaign intro)

    I'm attaching the pdf I've just given to a number of potential players in my new campaign and was looking to see what other people think about it. This is for a sandbox style game for the heroic levels with the idea of moving to a more focused style upon hitting Paragon tier. Thanks in advance.
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    Just one of those days . . .

    The most recent session of D&D for me included something I feel certain most of us have encountered at least once in our gaming lifetimes. While I'm currently playing 4e, this is by no means something specific to any edition so please chime in if you "know the feeling". In a combat, needing to...
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    Ran/Played my first game of 4e yesterday.

    I finally got some folks together and gave the game a try. I've been wanting to do so since the launch, but my former game group(s) had split up due to a combination of scheduling issues, personality conflicts, burnout, and of course edition wars. A friend had a birthday yesterday so about 11...
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    Has anyone emailed Plannerzone mentioned on the news page?

    I've done a brief google search to see if I could learn something about them and found a website under contruction. No details about the company yet. I'm wondering who these folks are that want us EN Worlder's to email them and see if we qualify to blog on their site about our gaming. The news...
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    Rope Trick Ritual from Manual of Planes

    I just read the excert from the Manual of the Planes posted on the Wotc site, and I have to say it really got the ideas flowing. Yes it is a bit different than the old style Rope Trick spell, certainly not something that'll get used as often due to cost of material component. What occurred to...
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    I'll Take "What If" for 200 Alex

    Having seen the books and now having a much clearer idea of how things work for 4e, an idea of "what could have been" popped into my head during a slow moment at work today. This wasn't one of those "this would be better" or "4e sucks because it wasn't this" type of ideas, it was more of a...
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    Xp question for WotC folks

    In the course of play-testing how have things worked out in parties where the PCs have varied levels? In my campaigns over the course of the years I have as DM always had parties with varied character levels. I like being able to run a game with some variance in level among the party. How well...
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    4E 4e and My Game: Some thoughts

    Warning: lengthy post. Let me begin by saying this is not a pro or anti 4e thread. It is more an collection of thoughts on the status of my campaign at the present time due to the pending launch of 4e. A couple months ago I posted a thread asking how the announcement was affecting everyone's...