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    What Are Your DM New Year's Resolutions?

    1. Any resolutions on things you want to do? 2. What do you want to improve in your DMing? 3. Will you be trying out something new in 2019? 4. What are your DM weaknesses? It's not always bad to be critical of yourself. Knowing your limitations can only make you a better DM! My answers...
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    (Almost) Every Class and Subclass in One Document!

    Because I have too much time on my hands I compiled all the classes from the Player's Handbook, Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, Xanathar's Guide to Everything, and unpublished UA subclasses I liked into one big Word document. My biggest problem with 5e is stuff being separated between different...
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    What is your reaction to the Eberron news?

    We have a poll up asking for reactions to the news of a Ravnica setting book. I thought I'd add a poll with the same choices for reactions to the news of Eberron appearing on DMs Guild with a setting book written by its creator, Kieth Baker.
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    5E Iserith's Adjudicating Actions

    I automatically started a thread when I uploaded a file. It wasn't my intention to do so. However, I can't delete the thread. So here it stays. I have just uploaded Iserith's Adjudicating Actions to the downloads area. This file is a formatted version of Iserith's Adjudicating Actions...
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    5E In Honor of... Something or Other, Post Your Bad D&D Jokes!

    Joke time! I cast Ice Storm on a five-headed snake. Hail Hydra!!!
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    5E How to turn D&D into a Video Game

    Take a spell like Healing Spirit that, as a 2nd level spell, can heal 35 HP per target (or more). Each level above 2nd heals 35 more per target. Does D&D really need a 3rd level spell that can heal a few hundred points of damage? Always be at full HP no matter the fight, I suppose. Challenge...
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    5E Spoiler Question for Tomb of Annihilation

    Spoiler Question for Tomb of Annihilation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I am merely a player but my DM asked me a question on resolving something that has come up in our game. We are in Omu and are in location 4 exploring a temple for one of the nine puzzle cubes. Location 4d (p100) states...
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    5E Calculating Overkill Damage

    When we do our white room calculations for damage I've never seen any calculations done to account for overkill damage. That is, damage done over and above what is necessary to bring a foe to 0 HP. Generally, we assume our foe has infinite HP. This is, of course, not the case but it certainly...
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    5E Good Adventure for Level 3-5

    My current campaign is set in Mystara/Known World. There were six PCs that had just made level 5 and the party completed B10 Night's Dark Terror. The opening of the campaign was set in Karameikos and the party completed U1 Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God...
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    5E I Made My First Legendary Creature - and It Was Easy!

    Though just because it was easy doesn't mean I did a good job. What are your experiences making a Legendary creature to challenge your players? Here's mine. I like that Legendary creatures exist to make solo monsters tougher and I like the UA article on monster encounters that has a specific...
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    5E What do Shrieker parts do?

    Party kills a Shrieker. One PC wants to take the parts and do something with it. Player asks what he could make with Shrieker parts, or what it tastes like, or what happens when he eats it. My mind was a blank. What can you do with Shrieker parts? Any ideas? Silly or serious - all accepted.
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    5E What does "Campaign" mean to you?

    If you are a DM or player and you hear someone say: "Let's play a campaign!", what does that mean to you? The local FLGS had a message on its Facebook page saying they wanted a DM to run a "campaign" on Thursday nights. I volunteered. It turns out the owner's idea of a "campaign" and mine were...
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    5E Most Underrated D&D Module

    My vote is for B10: Night's Dark Terror. It's a shockingly good adventure. I had purchased the collection B1-9:In Search of Adventure in 1987. Nine adventures for $15? Good deal for a 13 year-old! Also in 1987 I started buying the D&D Gazetteers and fell in love with the Known World. B10...
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    5E Your Biggest Gaming Pet Peeve

    It's Monty HALL, people! HALL, not HAUL. I can't remember the last time I've seen this written correctly. It's a guy's name. He was a long-time host of a game show, Let's Make a Deal. It's not haul v. - to pull or draw with force; move by drawing; drag It's not haul n. - the load hauled at...
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    5E Why Are Rangers Arcane Spellcasters?

    Okay, the rules don't literally say they are arcane casters instead of divine casters. I don't think it mentions it for any spellcasters. But... they don't know all of their spells like Paladins, Druids, and Clerics do and they don't get a holy symbol (or any focus, for that matter) And yet...
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    5E [5e] Easy Sneak Attack Question

    I am a Rogue. I use Sneak Attack on my turn during my attack action. I have the Sentinel feat. An enemy triggers the Sentinel feat. I attack. Can I use Sneak Attack on this attack (assuming I have advantage and/or an ally within 5 feet)?
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    5E Any recourse for a PHB that has fallen apart?

    So my PHB is a whopping 3 months old and 60 pages (130-190) have fallen out of the book already. Given the widespread complaints about the horrible physical quality of the binding, is WOTC doing anything to back up the quality of their product? Have they offered to replace wrecked copies?