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    4e Chaos Scar

    I'm thinking about running the old Chaos Scar adventure series......does anyone have access to the free stuff that was on the old D&D site? I am also missing one of the dungeon mags somehow (lost some backups a few years ago), but I guess I can pay for that...... I'm looking for any maps, or...
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    The Magicians

    So, I just read this, and see syfy is putting it on tv. I enjoyed the book. How bad will it be on syfy?
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    Dwarven Forge terrain

    Got my Kickstarter terrain. It is overwhelming to figure out how to best use it after one day......and clearly I should have purchased more of the hallway stuff. The one set of that is a bit useless, unless there is a pattern I cannot see. It is beautiful terrain. Looking forward to my next session.
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    5E Licensing so far....

    Gale Force 9 is late with all products, and there are issues with the cards. Dungeonscape is vapor ware. The two modules are good, but not great. And, imho, if you are not running the big arc, there are no other licensed adventures. How would you rate WotC and their partners so far? I would...
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    5E Wotc website. ....

    Where is the content? Almost no content on the site since when? I gotta admit, it looks pretty, but they are giving us nothing are they?
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    5E Slow releases

    Gale force nine.....late. Dungeonscape. .....still seeing changes to IOS from wotc... .only 2 adventures and two this the slowest edition release ever? We could use some stuff to buy........just sayin, we have money out here, product would be bought.
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    tapatalk issues?

    For over a week now, tapatalk has usually said that tapatalk cannot connect to the forums. Both on my phone and ipad. Anyone else have this issue?
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    5E Sphinx

    Can anyone get to the sphinx preview on the D&D site? I get an error.
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    Emails on quotes

    When I post from tapatalk, and people quote me, I get email. I never want email notifications. Have I set something wrong?
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    Zero charisma

    Who else has seen this trailer? I thought it looked funny. It is a movie about D&D players.
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    We going to be able to get to the forums through tapatalk again? Or do I need to do something different?
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    WotC Just Cancelled DDI

    Well, I had been on board since the beginning. But, I just cancelled. I DM pretty much monthly, but am not currently playing. My son has not played in some time. Dragon and Dungeon are shells of their former selves. 4E support and products are non-existent from WotC, completely non-existent...
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    Holy Warrior as theme, not class

    I think the holy warrior of the god of thieves should be different than the holy warrior of the god of forests. Now, I think a cleric need NOT be a holy warrior, but could be. So, maybe instead of paladin as the holy warrior, maybe holy warrior should be a theme (or themes, depending on how...
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    Dungeon....where did you go?

    Sigh, only two articles plus one adventure in Dungeon this month. Is this what we can expect until NEXT? Lame, super lame.
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    ARN, the Knight Templar

    We watched this on Netflix last night. I had pretty low expectations, but it was a good movie. My wife and son also enjoyed it. A little bit of action, a little bit of character development, a little romance....I'd recommend this movie if you have Netflix streaming.
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    "tablets" in the beginner box

    Ok, this is my newest, goofy idea. Put 5 "tablets" for players and one for the DM in the beginner box. The tablets would be the size of a cell phone. They would have about half a low resolution screen, with fixed buttons. Buttons would be for class, race, powers, skills and ???? The math...
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    Hut of Baba Yaga Adventure

    Wow, this thing is massive. Too long to give a good first impression, other than, wow, this thing is massive.
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    Relics of the Divine

    This is a very good to great article. More of these would be great. The flavors are original, and the items are interesting. This kind of article keeps me paying for DDI.
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    Six pieces of art?

    Since you can't download an issue of Dungeon or Dragon anymore, I read the articles more sporadically (meaning I'll probably miss some nugget in an article I skip). I noticed in the art archive/zip file this month that there are 6 pieces of art. Has the "magazine" fallen that much, that only 6...
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    No longer sort by topic?

    So, I loved your answer for the consolidation "issue", where I can click on the picture and see only threads related to "Dungeon" or "props", but today, when I try to that, I get sent to something that says I don't have the rights to do that.....