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  1. Matrix Sorcica

    Looking for good "against the cult" adventures - preferably urban

    I'm looking for good adventures that pits the party against a (preferably) hidden cult in an urban setting. If the cult is devil worshipers or similar, even better, though anything will do. An Aboleth/Far Realm cult is also great! The party will be unravelling the machinations of the cult of...
  2. Matrix Sorcica

    One million square feet of battlemaps - free!

    Reddit user Zatnikotel has produced one million square feet of original battle maps and is now giving all the art away for free. This is amazing! You can read more about the story here...
  3. Matrix Sorcica

    "Realistic" Waterdeep adventuring with 9th-10th party

    I'm thinking about running some some of the old 4E Living Forgotten Realms adventures taking place in Waterdeep. The party will be on the trail of a cult of Asmodeus. My problem is, the party will be around lvl 9 to 10. Which means city guards, ruffians, cultists, thugs and everone else will be...
  4. Matrix Sorcica

    Princes of the Apocalypse or Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil?

    Thinking about playing through one of these. Which one would you recommend and why. Conversion is not an issue, but I want to play the best Elemental Evil/Tharizdun adventure out there. Also, should I seek to include Against the Cult of Chaos and/or The Elder Elemental Eye from the D&D 4e...
  5. Matrix Sorcica

    Check out this awesome free supplement for magic item prices, gp=xp, and more!

    Blacky the Blackball of is the creator of retro clones such as Dark Dungeons and a converion of the domain and mass combat rules of the Companion Set to 5E, the Immortals Rules to 5E and much more. He has just completed an awesome free supplement that adds gp prices and appropiate...
  6. Matrix Sorcica

    PF2 We need a damage on a miss forum again!!

    From the newest PF2 preview:
  7. Matrix Sorcica

    5E Tomb of Annihilation - What if resurrected gods are affected as well?

    Just had a thought - what if Acererak's curse if affecting anyone who's ever been resurrected - including the gods? 5E just brought back a lot of dead gods and Mystra has been dead and "reborn" too many times to count. I think that would make ToA quite interesting :)
  8. Matrix Sorcica

    5th Edition announced

    What will this mean, Krusty? Will you stop work on your 4E material? Or not - after all 5E looks like it's a Gen Con 2013 release.
  9. Matrix Sorcica

    Looking for fillable monster form/template

    Hi, Does anyone know of a post MMIII form that can be filled out to create a monster stat block? It doesn't need to auto calculate (though that would be nice), just end up looking like the official thing. Thanks.
  10. Matrix Sorcica

    5E I want to add a 5E rumor!!

    Ooo, me too, me too! According to Magaret Weis' friends, Monte's friends says that Monte is working on 5E. No joke.
  11. Matrix Sorcica

    The Purple Worm rocks!!

    Man, I'm itching to use it! Good job WotC - you could one of the most boring MM1 monsters and made it awesome! Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Purple Worm) Edit: Oops - didn't see the other thread. Mods, feels free to merge.
  12. Matrix Sorcica

    Ettin Thug damage??

    If you check out the Ettin Thug in the previewed encounter from Cairn of the Winter King, it's a level 8 brute dealing a measly 1d12+3 damgage. Even if it hits twice it's average damage (19) is less than a level 8 brute's standard (20). Right below, you have level 4 brutes dealing 2d12+2. WTF?
  13. Matrix Sorcica

    Elder Red Dragon preview is up

    Here. Didn't see it mentioned here yet. I like it!!!
  14. Matrix Sorcica

    The D&D Boss Fight

    Have this great blog post by Angry DM been discussed here? If so, I will just add that I think his idea has really great potential. If not, you should read it now! Basically, it's about splitting Solos up into stages, a la the way Lolth is a two-stege monster in the MM3.
  15. Matrix Sorcica

    4E Dreamblade minis making a return as 4E monsters?

    Looking at this monster from Demonomicon and this Dreamblade mini And this monster from Revenge of the Giants and this mini I'd say WotC has managed to find a new use for those old Dreamblade minis :)
  16. Matrix Sorcica

    Man, Lords of Madness are looking awesome!!

    Some photos from GenCon at DDMspoilers: • View topic - GenCon LoM
  17. Matrix Sorcica

    Wrath of Ashardalon board game!

    Seems like the red dragon playing a part in "Dragon Mountain" isn't just any old dragon: Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Product (Wrath of Ashardalon) :cool:
  18. Matrix Sorcica

    Your experiences: Are high level 'named' monsters too easy?

    I was reading this thread where 6 26th lvl PCs apparently are wiping the floor with Orcus, 20 lvl 23 minion ghouls and 5 greater flameskulls plus an Atropal..... The conclusion among the posters is, that many of the 'named' monsters are just too easy. Orcus, Graaz't, Dispater. They just go...
  19. Matrix Sorcica

    How do I comment on posts?

    I've been away from ENWorld for awhile, I come back, and there are a lot of changes. One of them is all those comments people are adding to posts. But I have no idea how to do that. Anyone, please?
  20. Matrix Sorcica

    Can't access the wiki

    It says I need to log in (even though I already am), when I do log in, I'm redirected to the forums main site in an eternal loop. Help?