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    What are your biggest immersion breakers, rules wise?

    A pet peeve for me is being injured so badly you fall unconscious, then the cleric casts the weakest healing spell he has and you're back on your feet in time to take your next turn (I guess taking turns in combat is also a pet peeve, but I can put up with it for the sake of speed at the...
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    Using Music in D&D

    The sound track from the original Conan movie is one of my favorites.
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    What do you imagine non-human nations to be like?

    I believe dwarves would out source much of their food production by trading the goods they mine and/or craft to humans who provide them with food. Most dwarven cities would be underground and accessible only by an opening in the mountain side (which is heavily defended and easily defensible)...
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    Adventurers Go Left?

    I remember an episode of the old (live action) Batman TV show where he found his way out of a maze by always keeping the wall on his go right.
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    Here's What A 5' Square Actually Looks Like

    The foot is 12 inches because that's how long Charlemagne's foot was. It used to be that the foot was always re-calculated to be the length of the current monarch's foot (and thus might vary from kingdom to kingdom), but Charlemagne standardized it and declared it permanent throughout the HRE...
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    Here's What A 5' Square Actually Looks Like

    Yeah, I didn't like it when they went to the decimalized currency system. It was part of the drift away from a medieval setting to a modern setting with people dressed up in medieval clothes.
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    Here's What A 5' Square Actually Looks Like

    D&D is (supposed to be) a medieval fantasy game. Why would you want to drop a medieval measurement system in lieu of a modern one? Measuring distance in feet and weight/mass in pounds and ounces helps maintain the medieval feel.
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    5e Sorcerer versus Wizard, which is better?

    Gnome is the way to go for wizard because of the Intelligence bonus (the Fatbeard in me still thinks gnomes should only be illusionists, but that's my problem). The +2 to Intelligence isn't huge, but over the course of an adventuring career (or even a few sessions) a +1 to hit on spell attacks...
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    How do you handle hit points?

    What I mean by this is, how do you describe to your players what weapon blows do against humans? It's pretty easy to say "your sword digs a foot-long gash into the dragon's hide. He seems more angry than injured," but what about the 18th level fighter they're facing down. Even a 3rd level...