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    Examples of creatures (or objects) added thru re-skinning in official or semi-official material in 5e

    Sometimes, when a creature does not have its own stat block, WOTC will use a different stat block to represent the creature, possibly with modifications. For instance, the MM doesn't have stats for a jaguar, a buffalo, or a falcon, but the sidebar on pg. 317 says that you can use the panther...
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    5E Waterdeep: Dragon Heist subplot "Hell of a Summer"- should this be possible? (spoiler alert)

    In one of the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist subplots, "Hell of a Summer", two wicked parents pledge the souls of their children to Asmodeus in exchange for riches and prestige. The eldest son (who I guess was twelve) had his soul taken immediately and his body turned into a Chain Devil; the two...