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  1. Harzel

    Relentless Avenger

    My players' characters are about to hit level 7, so I'm looking over the stuff that they will get. One of the PCs is a Vengeance Paladin, so she'll get the Relentless Avenger feature. I'm having difficulty seeing how this could be useful more than rarely. Ok, your foe is trying to retreat...
  2. Harzel


    No, not that kind of inspiration. Courtesy of Inspirobot, decoration for the back of my DM screen. (Ok, actually I don't use a DM screen, but if I did...)
  3. Harzel

    5E Non-spell area effects vs. total cover

    A recent thread concerning whether the Slow spell goes through walls / around corners got me thinking ... As mentioned in the other thread, for spells, there is a general rule And then specific spells have explicit exceptions (usually 'spreads around corners'). Ok, but what about the...
  4. Harzel

    5E Locate Object binding time

    Reading the recent Locate Object Abuse thread brought to mind a different question about Locate Object. Suppose the caster is using the option to look for an object of a certain kind - say the bottle of red wine mentioned in the previous thread. (And if you don't like that, then substitute any...
  5. Harzel

    5E Ritual casting - Is 10 min a fair price for a spell slot?

    Casting a spell as a ritual takes 10 minutes + the normal casting time of the spell. As I started my 5e campaign (I missed the other eds. that had ritual casting) I assumed (obviously without thinking about it very hard) that the design intent was to provide, for some spells (mainly utility...
  6. Harzel

    5E Levitate on an unwilling creature

    An unwilling creature gets only one save against Levitate. For control purposes, this seems to make it better than Telekinesis (5th level, save each round). Seems OP for a 2nd level spell. Am I missing something? And for bonus points - if the unwilling creature has the ability to fly, can it...
  7. Harzel

    5E Why are 5e familiars celestial/fey/fiend instead of beasts?

    And as long as I am on the subject of familiars, why are 5e familiars celestial/fey/fiend instead of beasts? Is there the intention that this provide particular mechanical benefits or drawbacks? I tweeted the question to JC, but got no response. Anybody know?
  8. Harzel

    5E Familiars and Identify

    As if I hadn't aggravated my group's Wizard enough about Identify, it turns out that when he went to cast the Identify that sparked my previous thread, he wanted to cast it via his familiar (because there were dangerous creatures somewhat nearby). Sure enough, Find Familiar says that your...
  9. Harzel

    5E How powerful do you make Identify?

    Although I have been running a 5e game for a year now, I only recently tripped over a situation in which a player used Identify and I realized that I had not really thought through the implications of what seems to be the intent of the spell description. Previously, my players had found several...
  10. Harzel

    5E Spell delivery via familiar

    So I have a player whose character is a wizard with an owl familiar. (Some of you may recognize him from another thread.) He has asked me how delivering 'touch' spells via his familiar is supposed to work exactly, that is, what sequence of actions do he and the familiar have to take. To me...
  11. Harzel

    5E In combat riding and movement

    In a recent game during a combat one of my players asserted that his familiar (an owl) was perched on his shoulder. (Fine so far.) Then he further asserted that he moved as far as he could and then his familiar took flight and moved its full movement (in addition to the distance that he had...
  12. Harzel

    5E How many goodberries?

    Since this seems like an obvious question, if it has been asked and answered before, I apologize, but googling doesn't show me any answers. The Goodberry spell description says that "Up to 10 berries appear..." All the discussion that I see seems to assume that this means 10. Period. Rather...