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  1. Nellisir

    What Are You Reading? Lovely Feb 2018 Edition

    Whatcha reading in February? I've forgotten what I finished in January, so I'll have to update someday, but I just read Jandar of Callisto, by Lin Carter. Typical sword & planet, but...worse. As is typical of Carter, TBH. I picked up that and The Black Legion of Callisto for like $2, so...
  2. Nellisir

    Baby-Faced Jan 2018 Edition!!

    Reading A War in Crimson Embers, by Alex Marshall. Book 3 of the Crimson Empire trilogy. Really, really like this series. It's a fun read & I'm amusing myself by seeing it as a reskinned D&D campaign. Very much in the Joe Abercrombie vein. Up next will be the rest of the Christmas haul -...
  3. Nellisir

    The Expanse

    This has unquestionably hit "must-watch" status for me. It's SF done about as right as can be done. It's incredible.
  4. Nellisir

    I have a job

    This is kinda new and I'm still processing it, so I haven't talked about it too much. Not even my family really knows. But, I now work for these people. Limited work right now - they're still growing the company - but they keep ramping up the things they...
  5. Nellisir

    5E Azers?

  6. Nellisir

    Pigs are flying...Ryan Reynolds & Deadpool

    Ryan Reynolds will star in Deadpool. This is simultaneously the least likely and only outcome I could have predicted. I like Reynolds and Deadpool and think the two go together like peanut butter and bullets, but there's so much room to go wrong.... I'm terrified to be optimistic.
  7. Nellisir

    Doctor Strange role (hopefully) cast

    So apparently they've (almost?) cast the role of Doctor Strange for the Marvel movie. And the winner is.... Benedict Cumberbatch. The article also says that "negotiations are about to begin" though, so it sounds like it's only halfway there and could still fall apart. I can't say I'm...
  8. Nellisir

    5E Campaign plotting - looking for ideas.

    OK, I'm working this stuff out by writing it down. Running a new campaign, and have not had the time I'd like to have with it, so have been making stuff up for the last few sessions. Here's what I've left myself: Setting is Slavic/Norse with Celtic influences viewed through a stereotypical D&D...
  9. Nellisir

    Deadpool movie announced Feb 12 2016. I've read that Ryan Reynolds is starring, and that Ryan Reynolds is not confirmed as starring, but I'd bet on yes. Tim Miller directing; apparently his "feature film debut". I'm not much of a movie...
  10. Nellisir

    Secrets #2: Strange Races now available

    Secrets #2: Strange Races, a Swords & Wizardry supplement & fanzine from the Secrets of the Shadowend blog is now available to purchase. 25 new and variant races for OSR games, including racial class information and a random culture generator. 28 pages including the cover and Open Game License...
  11. Nellisir

    B&W character & monster art

    Goal: I'm looking for names, prices, and portfolios at the moment. Background: I just started a very small OSR fanzine. Mostly there's no room for art, because I hate white space and go for a pretty compact text layout, and I get most of the art from vintage illustrations. However. It's sold...
  12. Nellisir

    [April] What Are You Reading?

    Just finished The Forgery of Venus, by Michael Gruber. I read The Book of Air and Shadow a year or two ago, and remembered liking it enough to grab two more by him, but I _really_ liked this book. It was Good and fun. I've got Tropic of Night on the shelf, but my wife just finished...
  13. Nellisir

    Creating Monster-Related Adventure Seeds

    I'm working on an OSR bestiary of strange creatures mostly drawn from heraldry and other older sources, and I've set myself the task of writing adventure seeds to go along with each entry. Great in concept, harder to execute. Once i get the ball rolling the entries write themselves, but I've got...
  14. Nellisir

    Where are my subscribed threads?

    Stuff has changed. What do I click on to see if a thread I'm subscribed to has had posts? What do I click on to find all the threads I'm subscribed to?
  15. Nellisir

    Need suggestions for renaming the opinicus

    I'm statting up heraldic creatures for OSR games, and have run into the opinicus. The source I'm using describes it as "the hind quarters of a lion but a small tail, the front legs and wings of a dragon and the head of an eagle", so that's what I'm using. There are other sources that describe...
  16. Nellisir


    Yes, I agree. It's ridiculous and it's a stupid argument, because kids and animals cannot give consent. Gay marriage? Two adults. Straight marriage? Two adults. Group marriage? Well, still all adults. Adult & Animal? Uh, no. No consent. Adult & child? No consent. Arguing that a relationship...
  17. Nellisir

    The Basic Illusionist (S&W) 1

  18. Nellisir

    What adventures are NOT set in a published D&D setting?

    For years I've toyed with the idea of creating a campaign setting out of all the TSR/WotC published adventures that are NOT set in the Realms, Greyhawk, Mystara, Ravenloft, Birthright, Planescape, etc, etc. For the sake of my sanity, I'm not looking at Dungeon or Dragon magazine (adventures in...
  19. Nellisir

    Describe your non-RPG book collection

    I have...books. I bought just about a hundred at the last local book sale. Added to the existing two bookshelves of books "to be read", and that's a few hundred on my "to be read" list. A lot of well-reviewed/award-winning general fiction, nonfiction, and mystery/crime, not so much sf or...