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  1. Fenris-77

    [5e] Dirk Gently Build - Help!

    I have no idea why I all of a sudden have a bee in my bonnet about building a Dirk Gently character for 5e, but I do. I have some ideas that I think will work but I'm having trouble picking from the various options as far as classes and potential MCs go. So I'm soliciting for ideas, no idea to...
  2. Fenris-77

    [5e] Intrigue Campaigns: Cons, Heists and Secrets

    I'd like to take a thread here to plumb the collective wisdom of EN World. I'm in the midst of writing an intrigue campaign, plus some rules overlays to help facilitate it, but before I get to far I'd like to see what some other folks have come up with for intrigue campaigns as far as builds...
  3. Fenris-77

    [5E] Urban Intrigue Campaign - Gating the Sandbox

    I'm in the midst of writing up an intrigue heavy urban campaign. If you've read the Gentlemen Bastards by Scott Lynch, that's sort of what I'm aiming for. Combat will feature, as will chases, as will heists and a bunch of additional social interaction stuff that's going to need a rules overlay...
  4. Fenris-77

    Unarmed Striking RAW = simple melee weapon?

    Before you ask, yes, I realize I'm not the first guy to ask this question...:cool: So I've been taking it on faith that unarmed strikes aren't melee weapons for skills and abilities that key off melee weapon attack because I read that everywhere, but having been over the PHB and DMG I can't...
  5. Fenris-77

    [5E] Disguise Self - Scope and RAW

    I have a question for the group. Disguise Self allows the caster to change his appearance to "look different". This would seem to include all general humanoid possibilities based on the rest of the spell text, but I'm not sure about the scope for the spell to make you look like specific people...