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    "Birds of a Feather"

    It's the time of the year again, Spring has ended and the forest and greenlands have all bursted out in a vibrant green. This also marks the time of the Pale Moon, a festival held once a year to celebrate the founding of Ravinica centuries ago. Whilest the Pale Moon festival is celebrated all...
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    BIrds of a Feather, Rogue Gallery

    ok then, if i could have @Skarsgard @Mike291 @Kobold Stew @Steve Gorak @tglassy @Fradak Radaceus post there characters here. I'm looking forward to seeing all your backstories ^^ any info you want feel free to ask.
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    "Birds of a Feather" DnD 5E OOC (Closed)

    so in short ;) i have been running a campaign for 2 groups now. one has died out because most players found DnD to much hassle and the other group is slowly going out because of conflicting scheduals. as such im stuck with a world with no players to live in it (truely, a tragedy) thus im looking...
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    5E Recreating the Lost Woods in a game

    Im DMing a game and are taking alot of influences from the Zelda series. Now i want to try and recreate the Lost Woods feeling but am not rly sure how to go about that. At first my Idea was to use a version of the handhelds where in each clearing they will find a sign that said something along...
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    5E Spell selection for my Valor Bard

    So where starting a campain soon and ive decided to create Valor Bard. Now as far as my normal spells go i already know which route im going to take. However its more about the spells i get to choose. I have some ideas of what i want to do but some advice is always welcome ;) First of the idea...