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    Norse-inspired adventuring

    I was never much interested in Norse adventures in my games. (My longest multi-decade campaign was in a world inspired by the Arabian Nights.) Then Douglas Cole came along with a series of great books for my current favorite RPG, the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game. His first adventure, Hall of...
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    GM's Knowing the Rules

    In the How do you get to GURPS? thread, DMMike brought up an issue that intrigues me, but strays enough from the topic to deserve its own thread: As a player, how important is it to you that the GM gets all the rules right? For the purposes of this thread, I'm setting aside edge case horror...
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    Good, Evil, Nature, and Druids

    If you have some sort of druid-type characters in your campaign (i.e., some sort of magic user who channels the forces of the natural world), how do they fit into your cosmology and metaphysics? Is Nature aligned with gods of Good or Evil? Does it have a moral component? Could you have an evil...
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    New monsters book for Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game

    My favorite recently published RPG is having a kickstarter for a new monsters book and reprint of the boxed set: Powered by GURPS: Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 & Game Reprint. I've run a bunch of games with this system, played in a few, and have been teaching it to students in our middle school...
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    5E Not dying?

    I was just reading another interesting thread, The Dying Conundrum, and I realized that my response wouldn't really address the question. Thus a new thread is born. Does anyone else not kill player characters? Or at least mostly not? Ever since high school, I've generally run long campaigns...