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    Jim Ward: SSI, Dungeons & Dragons and the Computer Industry

    I've always wanted to run a campaign based on the Pools series with a group unfamiliar with the source material. PoR and PoD would seemingly work pretty well with fairly minimal adjustments, but I can see players really getting annoyed with having character agency being taken from them...
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    Unearthed Arcana: Cleric, Druid, Wizard Options

    I do like the flavor for all three subclasses - they all fill previously-open niches. I particularly like the Twilight Cleric, which is great for moon and non-evil darkness deities. We do still need a flat-out evil Darkness domain though...
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    Deep Dive into Descent Into Avernus

    From the description of the item in the appendix: "To hold a soul coin is to feel the soul bound within it". Just by touching the coin, characters will know what type of soul is inside. As for whether they are good or evil or whatever, that is for the DM to decide. However, it would seem...
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    Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus First Impressions

    Yes. In fact, there's a whole section in the middle that takes place there, and much of what follows concerns rescuing the city from its predicament.
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    Deep Dive into Descent Into Avernus

    They're are definitely times and places to use gold in Avernus in the adventure...
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    Deep Dive into Descent Into Avernus

    Ethical dilemmas are pretty much the whole point when adventuring in the Nine Hells...
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    Deep Dive into Descent Into Avernus

    It's up on D&D Beyond now. Giving it a brief look-through before going to bed. Already found the info on Kostchtchie I was curious about... EDIT. Oh, and we have an exact date for this one - it's set in 1492 DR.
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    Greyhawk setting material

    Honestly, given the history of the Great Kingdom over the last century or so, I'd think a noticeable population would have appeared there decades ago. The Overkings didn't sit on something nicknamed "The Fiend-Seeking Throne" for nothing, after all...
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    Greyhawk setting material

    I simply can't comprehend how OG Greyhawk fans can't accept tieflings in the setting. Given the canonical fiend-humanoid interbreeding in the lands of Iuz and in the Great Kingdom from even the earliest sources, it's logical that not only would they exist, but they would likely be relatively...
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    5E Baldur’s Gate: The Descent in the wild!

    Just don't ask the exact source of the ingredients...
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    Greyhawk setting material

    Thri-kreen have always been inhabitants of the Shaar in the Forgotten Realms, and have been playable there pretty much since 2e onwards. Cannibal halflings would, admittedly, be... somewhat more difficult.
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    5E Baldur’s Gate: The Descent in the wild!

    Was he just defeated, or was he outright destroyed? Either way, I'm sure Thrym is thrilled...
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    5E New Eberron Book Details From WotC

    Looks very nice! I'm particularly happy to see Living Spells make it in as a template - those can be used in pretty much any setting as monsters.
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    5E That Eberron Cover Is Just A Placeholder

    This was done with Volo's Guide to Monsters (which used a rough draft of the final cover art), and Storm King's Thunder (which used the interior art of the boat and storm giant rising from the ocean, which, like this, was in wide, wrap-around style). Neither were marked as preliminary, and they...
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    Eberron: Rising from the Last War Coming For D&D In November

    Ghosts of Saltmarsh already resolved that issue by having an NPC tiefling associated with Iuz. Honestly, adding tieflings to Greyhawk isn't hard with Iuz amd the Great Kingdom around.
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    WotC What are the definitive Planescape titles?

    The Campaign Setting boxed set Planes of Chaos Planes of Law Planes of Conflict Those will give you a good run-down of the setting and its themes, as well as give you all the fluff you'd ever want on the Outer Planes. Should you wish to continue and read up on the other planes, you would want...
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    Acquisitions Incorporated Takes Over D&D: A Review

    As I said in the AI First Impessions thread, a huge amount of the info in the book could be almost effortlessly re-skinned for a group belonging to a larger organization or one that has a wealthy (but not indulgent) benefactor.
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    Dragon Heist now available on D&D Beyond

    Reading through it now, and it looks pretty interesting so far...
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    Reopening Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

    It has 12 of the 24 (if I'm counting the 1e sources correctly), so exactly 50% Out of curiosity, what percentage would have satisfied you? After all, even the MM2 only had 14 of the 24...