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  1. Lucas Yew

    Which ability score would you like to increase to 18 in real life?

    Probably because of guns, I think. They make all physical strength obsolete in a maliciously hostile situation.
  2. Lucas Yew

    Jonathan Tweet: Streamlining Third Edition

    Plus the full-attack iterative -5/swing penalties, plus that 5 ft. sticky feet syndrome (why on earth do I get to move only 5 ft. if I swing my golf club twice or more).
  3. Lucas Yew

    5E What Seven Classes Would You Keep? (and why!)

    I chose by mechanics first, fluff second; Barbarian (STR based, instinctual warrior) Cleric (WIS based, know entire spell list, received full caster) Monk (DEX based, wuxia genre enabler) Ranger (DEX based, methodical warrior, half caster) Sorcerer (CHA based, pure spontaneous, innate talent...
  4. Lucas Yew

    Yes, You Can Turn Your Campaign Into a Novel

    In case of Japan, the huge success of Sword World actually made the so called "Replay" (novelized transcripts of gameplay) books the main source of income for their RPG industry. Despite the fact that said books actually seem to help attract new blood there, it's still very bizarre from an...
  5. Lucas Yew

    What would you bring from PF2e to your 5e game?

    1. Put defined awesome abilities linked to each ability (skill) roll, as feats. I thought 5E already has some examples since core, though. 2. Yes, but they don't have definitive examples, like for example, a lenient DM might let you climb slippery walls on a 20, while another would barely let...
  6. Lucas Yew

    What would you bring from PF2e to your 5e game?

    Fixed DCs and Skill Feats.
  7. Lucas Yew

    Magic missile as a cantrip

    D&D was always stingy with force damage, especially free/cheap ones. Like, look at 5E's Eldritch Blast, it works very well for damaging baddies, but it's a sitting duck when you need some property demolition (it only damages creatures, not objects).
  8. Lucas Yew

    Damage Spell Scaling

    The 3rd Edition variants' free damage scaling for each spell slot was quite a big insult for the poor martials, especially since their own damage scaling was hampered by the not so realistic multi attack penalty and sticky 5 feet syndrome... (one bigger insult I remember is that thrice cursed...
  9. Lucas Yew

    Interviewing Owen KC Stephens Green Ronin’s Fantasy AGE

    Great that he managed to get a new job! By the way, the AGE system is (unfortunately) not a legally free rule in any form (as in OGL or CC), right?
  10. Lucas Yew

    5E Fixing the fighter (I know...)

    Maybe merging all "non-spellcasters" (read: Fighter + Rogue) in a single class with all their features intact is a suitable answer... And give them an improved version of the old skill percentage roll as this: You roll d% only after you failed the initial d20 check to turn it into a success...
  11. Lucas Yew

    Compelling and Differentiated Gameplay For Spellcasters and Martial Classes

    At least in 1E's DMG, Gygax outright stated with brutal honesty that Wizards do grow into the most powerful class in the game. No lies that all class archetypes are equal, unlike 3.X, where the CR system claimed that all level X classed characters are equally threatening as opponents (snort)...
  12. Lucas Yew

    Is Pathfinder 2 Paizo's 4E?

    Personally, I think PF2 will never become a second 4E (commercially-wise) because of one reason; its crunch is completely OGL compliant (except Product Identity, of course). As both 5E and PF2 gave up on my preferred level of granuality for Simulationist play (such as unequal Prof. bonus...
  13. Lucas Yew

    The Imaginary Book that Spawned "Necessary" Monsters

    I genuinely wonder if this Borges character is the reason why D&D's Lamia population ended up with the unconventional lion halves instead of snake ones. Not to mention those unheard-of bovine Gorgons separate from Medusa"e".
  14. Lucas Yew

    5e Sorcerer versus Wizard, which is better?

    First, prepared casters in general can change their entire spellcasting capability every single day, which is an insanely strong capability by itself. And in case of Wizards they can choose from 44 spells at the very least from their level-up, not even mentioning Clerics and Druids. A single...
  15. Lucas Yew

    5e Sorcerer versus Wizard, which is better?

    I personally think that prepared casters should've had "half level + casting mod" spells prepped per day, and spontaneous ones all have at least their level number of spells known for its level (at the very least, much more than what they know as of now)...
  16. Lucas Yew

    PF2 The PF2 Alchemist - how did it turn out?

    As the concept is solid, a smattering of erratas will hopefully fix it to work as intended...
  17. Lucas Yew

    PF2 Leshies Previewed From Lost Omens Character Guide

    Like others mentioned above, blame D&D for all these unsound re-imaginations of RL folklore figures. Such as the Lamia; what on earth had them end up with the lower half of a lion, not a proper snake?! :mad: Edit: Well there's the Matriarch, I know, but I'd rather have them unified as a single...
  18. Lucas Yew

    Here's the Cover Art for Pathfinder 2E's April Bestiary 2

    Oh, I was late on the response, sorry. Yes, so there are Yuan-ti with upper human-esque torso, I get it. Shame that they are Product Identity, though (I have a very hard time mentally trying to work with non-legal free races despite their rich lore and admirable quirks). Actually, my first...
  19. Lucas Yew

    5E Porting in the 4.5E Defender Aura power

    I can't find a more elegant solution than this ability in 4E that best emulates the modern RPG concept of "Tank" character, so I would like suggestions on how to achieve this. Is it actually viable when ported word to word as a 1st level frontliner class' shared ability? Or better yet, is it...
  20. Lucas Yew

    Complexity vs. Depth -- A Look Inside Pathfinder 2nd Edition

    My responses to the few posts right before in general; ---- 1) I rather prefer Combat as War to Combat as Sport, in a class based game, provided that, if every class at least has some feature/option built in to access the playstyle if willing. Traditionally in D&D derivatives, only...