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  1. Corpsetaker

    5E So Shadar-Kai are now a subrace of elves: Huh?

    I'm not understanding this move to make the Shadar-kai into a subrace of elves. They have always been described as "human like" so I don't get this. Why not introduce the Lythari?
  2. Corpsetaker

    5E Just for Parmandur

    This is just for you Parmandur since you like to laugh with things that nobody else is laughing at. You can laugh with these guys all you want.
  3. Corpsetaker

    5E Rumor: Hasbro is "prepping" to sell Wizards of the Coast in 2021.

    Just thought I would share this. Link to page here
  4. Corpsetaker

    5E Are powergamers a problem and do you allow them to play in your games?

    I've been a gamer for over 30 years now and in all the time I've been gaming I've tried to accommodate everyone's playstyle. Well I'm afraid I don't look at powergaming as a playstyle anymore, I see it as a problem. I no longer allow powergamers at my table, nor will I play in a game with them...
  5. Corpsetaker

    5E Looking for a generic dark gothic style setting. Not Ravenloft.

    After having watched the Castlevania series I've wanted to run a setting based loosely around the series. I'm looking for a good generic Gothic horror setting. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Corpsetaker

    5E Less about the numbers and more about the concept: Judging classes in 5th edition.

    Now this is my personal opinion and observation. Something that I have noticed is when judging classes and their worth there is still the 4th edition mindset where it was more about the math than the concept. 5th edition doesn't come across as being about the math but more about the concept...
  7. Corpsetaker

    5E A question for fellow long time Forgotten Realms fans.

    If you are like me and have loved Forgotten Realms since the 80's and before then I have a question for you. Are you currently happy with the direction the Realms is going in and why? When 5th edition came out it looked as if there was a resurrection of the old Forgotten Realms that a lot of...
  8. Corpsetaker

    5E Monster Creation rules: Anyone else not find them particularly helpful.

    The title says it all. I'm trying to create a unique Hill Giant Ghast and the monster creation rules in the DMG do not really help. I'm trying to make the creature a challenge rating 16 and it's not going very well. Anyone else share this opinion?
  9. Corpsetaker

    5E What kind of Warlord design are you hoping for?

    I've created this poll just to get an idea of the type of Warlord people are hoping for. Right now we basically have three types of Warlords, one from 3rd edition which was called the Marshal, the Warlord from 4th edition, and the Warlord types from 5th edition. Let's see how we get on...
  10. Corpsetaker

    5E Undead Templates: Unless I missed them, we really need these.

    I've looked through the DMG and MM with the hopes of finding something around templates and I couldn't find anything, unless I am blind. I really would like to see undead templates because there are other creatures I would like to see become undead. In my current game there is a lich who was...
  11. Corpsetaker

    5E Do you allow fan made material in your games?

    Do you allow fan made material in your games? We aren't talking about a background here or a little magic item there. We are talking about a lot of fan made stuff you find on DMsGuild, other internet sites, or things your player's come up with classes, feats, races, sub-systems etc.....
  12. Corpsetaker

    5E Forgotten Realms is being BETRAYED by Wizards

    Would you look at that? I can do that too.
  13. Corpsetaker

    5E Dragonlance: Is it possible to run a Dragonlance game using the current core rules and material?

    Is it really possible to run a Dragonlance game using the core material we have at the moment? I'm also a big Dragonlance fan and during my thread about UA I mentioned that I would like to see some new mechanics with regards to Wizards of High Sorcery and the various moon phases. It also got...
  14. Corpsetaker

    5E Unearthed Arcana:Are they revealing limitations in the 5th edition system?

    Maybe you got moderation and minimum mixed up.
  15. Corpsetaker

    5E Unearthed Arcana:Are they revealing limitations in the 5th edition system?

    Something I've noticed with most of the Unearthed Arcana's is they seem to running out of design room. We are getting several classes doing essentially the same thing but only in very minor ways. I'm seeing a less class system and a more broad system coming into play because class niche is...
  16. Corpsetaker

    5E Tales from the Yawning Portal: A better title would be "Nezram's tales of adventure".

    Durnan and the Yawning Portal having nothing to do with visitors from other planes and worlds, it is an inn that houses people who wish to gain the fame and fortune by delving into Undermountain. If they wanted to go this route then they should have used a character that would actually make...
  17. Corpsetaker

    5E Points of Light setting and current cross-over strategy: Round peg in the square hole.

    Wizards would have been better off using the Points of Light setting as a nexus between the different rules. Since PoL really hasn't much background info, it is the perfect place that could contain portals to other worlds and still give people a world that is fully generic. They could have...
  18. Corpsetaker

    5E Eldritch Knight: Better Arcane Archer than the subclass?

    After looking over the Eldritch Knight, it looks like that subclass can make a better Arcane Archer than the actual subclass. Now unfortunately, the Eldritch Knight doesn't have an "Imbue Arrow" ability, but neither does the Arcane Archer subclass. What the Eldritch Knight does allow is the...