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  1. Dr Simon

    [Creative Conclave] Loads of pregen Cloakers from The Lazy GM

    The Lazy GM: Cloakers is the latest in our "Single Shots" range of Lazy GM products, taking a single monster and presenting loads of stats for variant builds, class levels, templates and so on, ready to drop in to your game. Cloakers covers 51 pages and features vampire void wizards, venomous...
  2. Dr Simon

    5E The Lichway - IC Thread

    OOC Thread Rogues Gallery The steep-sided walls of the Korm Basin slide by; Blackpearl's skiff has travelled the many miles from the opening to the sea, past rocky cliffs and scree of dark stone, the only sign of life some scrubby plants clinging to the side and birds wheeling overhead. Now...
  3. Dr Simon

    5E [Rogues Gallery] The Lichway

    RG thread for The Lichway adventure using 5e rules. IC Thread OOC Thread Players: Brother Dave, Steve Gorak, Toasterferret, Neurotic, Kaodi, Sithramir, MortalPlague
  4. Dr Simon

    5E [5e] The Lichway - Old School Dungeon with new school rules.

    This is combining two things I want to have a go at playing. The 5th Edition rules, and an adventure from White Dwarf issue 9 (from 1978) called The Lichway, by Albie Fiore. If you read my WD reviews from a couple of years back, you'll have seen me raving about this adventure, which is a neat...
  5. Dr Simon

    5E conversions for player races from Monte Cooke's Arcana Evolved/Unearthed

    In this thread I'm going to attempt to convert the Arcana Unearthed/Evolved races to D&D 5th Ed., mainly as an exercise for me to get used to the system. I'm not going to attempt the Evolved levels, at least not yet, but otherwise will be using the AE versions of the playable races rather than...
  6. Dr Simon

    A Keep on the Borderlands: Consolidation

    Shayuri, Axel, Kaodi, jkason New thread continuing on from A Keep on the Borderlands: Arrival. When last we saw Arcata, Bastian, Comoray and Sh'aah they were fleeing Fanjyr Waystation in the company of Cassie of the Punishment Legion, Fyfe of House Arcata and Rexun Edelstimme, captive dwarf...
  7. Dr Simon

    RPGs My absence

    Players in my games, I've not been updating much recently. This is because work has been pretty hectic of late and has pretty much left me drained of any energy to tend my games, especially as a couple of them have entered a combat phase which generally requires a but more effort to manage. But...
  8. Dr Simon

    Let's update Appendix N

    One of the more evocative and intriguing parts of the 1st Ed Dungeon Masters Guide is in the appendices – Appendix N, Inspirational and Educational Reading, in which Gary Gygax sets outs his sources. I quote: Inspiration for all the fantasy work I have done stems directly from the love my...
  9. Dr Simon

    EN World Dr. Si Away

    To my players and GMs, I'm going to be on holiday until next Tuesday (27th) so expect slow to no posting during that time.
  10. Dr Simon

    Dnd/Pathfinder Dr. Si's Curse of the Crimson Throne - Escape From Old Korvosa

    Continuing the Curse of the Crimson Throne (Beta) Group, Escape From Old Korvosa Featuring Neurotic as Edmond Mer'Cauthon Mowgli as Manachan Aingealan Axel as Mhairi Kaodi as Crazy Ignatius Part One: Edge of Anarchy Part Two: Seven Days to the Grave OOC Thread Rogues Gallery In this...
  11. Dr Simon

    The Trefaldwyn Chronicle - Dark Ages Pathfinder

    OOC Thread Rogues Gallery Dinas Derwen - the Fort of the Oak. A wooden fort and hall that forms the court of Llewellyn and protects the settlement of Trefaldwyn. The symbol is an oak leaf and acorn. Trefaldwyn - town below the hill fort of Dinas Derwen, home to about 500 people. Llewellyn...
  12. Dr Simon

    The Trefaldwyn Chronicle - Rogues Gallery

    RG for the Trefaldwyn Chronicle (Pathfinder in 600AD).
  13. Dr Simon

    Dragonlance Revisited - ponderings for a setting reboot.

    I’ve always had something of a love-hate thing for the Dragonlance campaign. Bits of it really appeal to me, and others have never sat right. I originally ran the campaign back around the time it first came out, getting up to DL12 (Dragons of Faith) before the playing group went its separate...
  14. Dr Simon

    The Trefaldwyn Chronicle - Dark Ages Pathfinder OOC

    This is a setting I've been rolling around in my head for a while, and I've got a short scenario I want to test it with (no epic campaigns this time, but if it starts well I've got material to continue it). In Character Thread The idea is a game set in the real world ca. 600AD, but one where...
  15. Dr Simon

    Master of Jade, Mistress of Iron - a World of Conclave adventure

    The Catfish, Thievestown, City of Llaza, Fnoi Province. It is a typically hot and humid summer evening for Llaza. In some circumstances the weather would be termed ‘sultry’, but this carries with it an air of romance and mystery, which a Llazan summer night assuredly does not have. This is more...
  16. Dr Simon

    Master of Jade, Mistress of Iron - a World of Conclave adventure

    Rogues Gallery for Master of Jade, Mistress of Iron
  17. Dr Simon

    [OOC] Master of Jade, Mistress of Iron - a World of Conclave adventure

    Overview Master of Jade, Mistress of Iron is a counterpoint to my long-running Romance of the River Kingdoms, set in the World of Conclave, using Pathfinder rules. IC Thread Rogues Gallery Conclave has a vaguely Asian feel to it, in that it has jade, spirits, fighting styles, elephant-headed...
  18. Dr Simon

    White Dwarf: The First 100 issues. A Read-Through and Review.

    White Dwarf magazine, from its first issue in June 1977 until the end of the 1980s, gives an interesting history of the birth and expansion of role-playing games, through its own particular lens of the hobby in the UK and, later, as published or distributed purely by Games Workshop. This is a...
  19. Dr Simon

    Dr. Simon Re-recruiting (multiple games)

    I have several games that would benefit from some new blood, with a range of systems and settings. In no particular order, they are: The Enemy Within, the old Warhammer campaign played using D&D 4E rules. Characters are currently at 2nd level. Setting is the Warhammer Old World, akin to a late...
  20. Dr Simon

    Dr. Simon Away

    After today I'll be off until the beginning of Jan with potentially no internet connection, so don't expect much from me until then. Have a good winter solstice festival of your choice!