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  1. Son of the Serpent

    Fixing the polearm and taking back its seat as generally best nonprojectile weapon from the sword.

    Polearm have been the most successful general type of weapon (whether martial or otherwise) other than projectile weapons on a consistant basis throughout history. Lets make d&d reflect that instead of having spears be nonsensically weak options. I was thinking of doing several things: 1...
  2. Son of the Serpent

    IRL nominations (historically classic ie religious, pantheonic, folkloric, no newer than 1600) for mythical cosmologies you enjoy including in d&d.

    There will be a poll that goes up in 3 days time in which we will vote for the most popular cosmologies to include in d&d. You may nominate 3. If you do not list all 3 when you make your initial post dont post the additional one(s) in later posts, rather, edit them into your original...
  3. Son of the Serpent

    3.5 Example of LA being revised because when applied to a PC it powerscaled so horribly that buy off was considered inadequate on close examination.

    My personal example is vampires. One of my first DMs allowed a guy to chamge the LA of a vampire to 3 because the weaknesses of vampires are so prohibitively awful. Due to this early influence on me ive also revised their LA for PCs.
  4. Son of the Serpent

    3.5 Wizard's hat

    I have tried and tried to find this but i cant. I remember an item from a book that was essentially a wizard's hat but cannot find it. Please list all the hats resembling a wizard hat from the books you can think of. And maybe ill find it. My google fu fails me.
  5. Son of the Serpent

    3.5 Domain wizards domains make little or no sense.

    this is because the domains shouldnt be full sized schools but should at least be a bit bigger and yet arent, all spells in a family that are represented in a domain even partially should be fully represented in a domain (example: all dispel magic should be in anti magic rather than the weakest...
  6. Son of the Serpent

    3.5 There has to be a more exhaustive source of arcane domains than those which are listed in unearthed arcana

    The entry in unearthed arcana makes it clear these lists are at maximum only partial. There are spells present with greater and lesser instances which exist but are not listed as well. Where can i find the expanded lists? They have to exist.
  7. Son of the Serpent

    3.5 Vampire native earth question

    Does anyone know a way to create, duplicate, multiply, or transmute earth into more, or a vampire's native earth?
  8. Son of the Serpent

    3.5 Aging effects

    I saw somewhere a few years ago a version of the aging table that included the child or youth (cant remember for sure but think it was one of those) age category. Cant remember what book its in but its just like the normal one. Does anyone know where i can find this?
  9. Son of the Serpent

    3.5 Arcane domain spells

    Is there a wider listing of domain spells than the single one per level listing in the domain wizard entry of unearthed arcana? I know there are more domain spells than what is on that page.
  10. Son of the Serpent

    3.5 Command undead after death

    Does the spell command undead continue to work after the death of the caster? I cant decide.
  11. Son of the Serpent

    3.5 Summon undead question

    Someone told me that according to the dmg you can summon the same individual of a creature species with summon monster according to a variant rule. I need to know what page thats on if anyone could help. Thanks.
  12. Son of the Serpent

    Favorite spells uni and school specific 3/3.5

    If you were to pick one favorite wizard spell (the level doesnt matter obviously) from each school of magic and universal what would it be? Errata and non errata both accepted.
  13. Son of the Serpent

    Sword stats

    Cant find stats for a flambard
  14. Son of the Serpent

    Partial reconstitution of jazirian and ahriman

    Im setting up for a campaign arc that will occur in a land that thought it would be a great idea to enslave a large number of devils and celestials to a lesser extent. I want them to have been just smart enough about it to not involve contracts with fiends, to only keep them a year a piece...
  15. Son of the Serpent


    In d&d 3 and 3.5 there is wish and greater wish. Other than miracle are there any other kinds of wish or, like miracle, spells similar to wish in d&d? Are any of them in some way more useful in a particular type of story than wish as a plot device? Or simply better for certain uses? Also...
  16. Son of the Serpent

    Sites or pages for recruiting IRL players.

    Pretty self explanatory. I'm looking for any sites that fit the description in the title or if possible a page on this site which does.
  17. Son of the Serpent

    3.5 Limited wish.

    Was wondering what the cheapest way to get a limited wish was.
  18. Son of the Serpent

    3.5 Question about languages in d&d 1e through 3.5

    Im trying to locate a complete and accurate (or as close as i can come for both of those qualifiers) tree of languages in d&d for these editions. Clarifying edit: a tree that details how the languages dervie from older ones from the most ancient one or couple in the multiverse carrying...
  19. Son of the Serpent

    3.5 Looking for the name of a mystery monster

    I used to know about this exceptionally large race of creature and now i cant remember its name. Its ancient, has a ridiculous number of armlike tentacles ending in mouths, existed back when physical qualities of the universe were not yet established, individuals are generally now trapped in...