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    Real Life Places That Inspire You As A DM

    I know, for me, there have been quite a few. In my youth, seeing the Nantahala national forest, Blue Ridge mountains and the woodlands of Florida certainly made me appreciate swamp travel and hiking in dense winding trails. The Tetons sent imagination flying, and after that so did the Grand...
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    Intelligent Beings

    Out of curiosity, in your D&D campaigns (or any fantasy where the world is somewhat contained inside a few continents), how many intelligent creatures do you have? I ask because for some reason I have a hard time reconciling the fact that in say, Forgotten Realms, has hundreds of intelligent...
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    The Moth Story Hour

    For those of you that know and/or have been. It is a lot of fun. The people, many now, are semi-professional. But, I was thinking... Would it be a good idea to try this for an RPG crowd? GM's telling their best story with a twist at the end? Players talking about their favorite TPK? Real life...
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    Witcher RPG

    I've searched the internet, but have found very little about this RPG. To tell you the truth, with the popularity of the game, the books and the new Netflix series coming out, I thought there would be more discussion. At least a website dedicated to the game's development. But, other than a...
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    Elder Scrolls, Witcher, Dragon Age, Assassin's Creed, etc - System Uniqueness

    I was recently reading the DM's Guide (5E) and came across the Core Assumptions. The line "The rules of the game are based on the following core assumptions about the game world." Not necessarily an Edison moment for most, but I started to digest it, and delve into it. And, that translated...
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    5e & PF2 - Why Choose the Same Approach?

    Looking at both of these new rulesets, my question is: Why did the developers decide to start from the place: attributes, skills, proficiency, etc? If there true goal is narrative, as both parties have explained, why not start there? Not upset about it. I really like 5e, and have two...