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    AP Session 0 - AiME Breeland

    Our session 0 Actual Play, unedited. I wanted to try out 5e. It is a bi-weekly game. Session 0
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    Gamers Wanted! [online-discord-roll20] 1-2 players for CoC: Reign of Terror

    Hi I and my 2 other players are going to be starting a Call of Cthulhu campaign around June 1st. We would like 2 more players. Playtime is every Saturday from 7-10pm Central Standard Time. The Campaign is going to be using the Reign of Terror (France 1789ish) supplement. AND all the...
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    Gamers Wanted! (online) OSR Super Heroes

    I am looking for 3-4 players to play in a OSR Supers Game using these rules Premise: Each session you and your hero friends learn about a Bad Guy lair full of bad guys and you go and clear the hex. You intend the clear the city of the crime that is infesting it block by block! I can run a game...
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    Masks Actual Play Comic Book

    I put together a comic book detailing my Masks: Timequake campaign. Download it FREE. d
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    [Masks the Next Generation] Masks: Starfall

    So my group and I decided to tackle Masks the Next Generation again. Last time I assumed that it was a story game, and abdicated my role as an Editor. This time around I did my due diligence to develop some arcs, and found that it has really enriched my experience and made Masks one of my...
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    Gamers Wanted! [STA Online] New Campaign

    Hello. I am starting a STA campaign. I need a 3-4 person crew. Playtime: Sundays between 1-5pm (CST) Era: TNGish Chat/Voice: Discord Dice/Maps: Roll20 Campaign Pitch: Ground Hog Day meets Star Trek using the STA Module: Signals. Email me if you want to play darreldarreldarrel (at)
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    Immortalize your RPG sessions!

    Want to immortalize you and your groups RPG sessions? I have the solution: A comic book cover! find out more here:
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    Super Drug Adventure Seed Comic Page 2

    Some twists and turns for my Super Drug adventure seed page 2.
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    Super Party Drug Adventure Seed

    Another Adventure Seed: Super Party Drug for you to draw from for your own adventures!!
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    Saturday Morning Supers NPC: Moon Girl

    Using model sheets similiar to Alex Toth's (and cartoons from the 70s and 80s) I am creating NPC sheets. Pick this one up FREE!
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    NPCs for your Perusal

    I am drawing an NPC a day, you can grab them here: NPC a Day
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    Fill in the Blank Adventure Seed

    Now you can add your own words. Its a worksheet for you to develop your ideas using the images I've provided. Snag it HERE
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    Cosmic Prism Adventure Seed the Sunday Strip

    The Cosmic Prism Adventure Seed has been expanded into a Sunday Strip format. You can pick up this exciting visual adventure seed HERE!
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    Idol of the Host Adventure Seed Script

    Hate pictures? Only want text? Now you can have the script used to draw the Idol of the Host Adventure Seed. Also, in this adventure seed a Professor needs your players to transport a rare relic to a Museum, but not everyone is happy about it. Find out who and why when you play this adventure...
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    Cosmic Prism Visual Adventure Seed

    With this adventure seed you can fly to new heights of adventure as you take your superheroic characters on a mind bending cosmic adventure to find the Cosmic Prism!! Snag at RPGnow for FREE Also, consider supporting my Patreon! thanks Darrel
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    Cosmic Prism Visual Adventure Seed

    I completed the second adventure seed. Its about a Mad God, A powerful Crystal, and the Seven Deadly Sins. Grab the Black and White version here.
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    The Axe of Thunder (Adventure Seed the Comic)

    First one, on my blog: For your Favorite Sword and Sorcery system find it here.
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    Savage Sorcery Adventure Seed Sheet

    I drew an adventure seed for you to use! You can pick it up for FREE HERE
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    Gaming Mastery the Blog

    Now its a blog TOO. And coming soon: Gaming Mastery the T-Shirt Gaming Mastery the Cereal Gaming Mastery the Doll Gaming Mastery the RPG
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    [Podcast] Gaming Mastery

    Hi I have GMed for a while (30 years) and wanted to share what I am continuing to learn about that art. I hope you find it useful. Gaming Mastery Thanks d