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  1. mips42

    Before designing a castle

    Watch this series. it's mesmerizing and amazing.
  2. mips42

    Into the Woods

    Dealing with the cult and it’s leader in the village of Ravens End hadn’t been easy and, in the end, even though you rooted out the source of the cult, which turned out to be the towns’ mayor, and dealt him the justice he’d deserved, The townspeople has treated you coldly. It was understandable...
  3. mips42

    [5e] Into the Woods {RG}

    Looking forward to your creations. OOC [5e] "Into The Woods" Horror one-shot. [FULL][OOC] RG [5e] Into the Woods {RG} IC Into the Woods
  4. mips42

    [5e] "Into The Woods" Horror one-shot. [FULL][OOC]

    At the end of your last mission you received a summons from the local hedge-wizard, Mertrand Owlkeep. Apparently his most recent apprentice went into a local woods to gather spell components and has not returned. That was over two weeks ago. Mertrand tells you that the local woods are rumored to...
  5. mips42

    D&D 5E [5e] One shot - Frolic and Fire [IC] [FULL]

    Quick DM's note: I’m glossing over a bunch of stuff to try to get to the “interesting bits”. Feel free to add as desired. The life of an adventurer is hectic and dangerous. At least some of the time. The rest of the time, unless you’re industrious and willing to work, it can be dull and not...
  6. mips42

    D&D 5E One Shot - Frolic and Fire [OOC] [FULL]

    Well, here goes. This is a shortish adventure for 4-6 level one or level two characters. Feel free to try out new concepts or ideas. PHB and Xanathars are go, Unearthed Arcana or other sources, please ask. All apologies to every DM Ive stolen Ideas from for this (too many to name). Ive...
  7. mips42

    D&D 5E I want a game

    I really want a game. Its really that simple. I would love to play but, if not, I am willing to DM. I have a Adventure / campaign that I'm working on and, if there is interest, I'll add primers to this post. Be well and play on.
  8. mips42

    D&D 5E Reccomendations requested

    I like 5e. In lots of ways it is what I wanted 4e to be before we got 4e. As much as I like it, it doesn't (currently) do what I want to do next which is a science fantasy vibe with flying galleons and dirigibles and blaster pistols and such (think Fantasy D&D meets star wars). I don't really...
  9. mips42

    D&D 5E Rules question

    In my live D&D game we're having a rules question about dual wielding without the feat. I had thought that on the first attack you get Ability Bonus and proficiency on to-hit and Ability Bonus on damage and then on the second attack you only got Ability Bonus on to-hit. The rules seem to...
  10. mips42

    Literally-dreamt-of ideas

    I literally came up with these while sleeping.Use or ignore as you see fit. The black cabal: A nefarious organization working behind the scenes of a major political entity or organization working to destabilize or subtly shift the political landscape to further it's own ends. Could be a...
  11. mips42

    MiPS Lost Mine Part II

    As the day wanes into night, the cart rattles on down the Triboar Trail towards Phandalin. Eventually, as the night settles, you are forced to stop or risk the oxen injuring themselves. The night is quiet and passes uneventfully and you all are able to get some much needed rest. The morning...
  12. mips42

    D&D 5E Monstrous manual

    I just got my first real look at the 5e monster manual and realized that none of the monsters has a listed initiative bonus / penalty. I am presuming this is to support the 'talk first, fight second' idea, but there is a part of me that misses it. Oh well. if needed, I guess I'll just use the...
  13. mips42

    spell conversion input

    I am working on converting a adventure from PF to 5e but PF has at least one spell with no 5e equivalent: Daze. From the PF source: School enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]; Level bard 0, sorcerer/wizard 0 Casting Time 1 standard action Components V...
  14. mips42

    Single session experiment

    This isn't 100% D&D 5e as it *could* work for most any RP system. I had an idea for a single session experiment where, as the Game Master, I would have access to all the scores, bonuses, levels, etc and the players would ONLY get the role-playing bits. I think this might be an interesting...
  15. mips42

    MiPS Lost Mine [IC]

    History More than five hundred years ago, clans of dwarves and gnomes made an agreement known as Phandelver's Pact, by which they would share a rich mine in a wondrous cavern known as Wave Echo Cave. In addition to its vast mineral wealth it was quickly learned that the cave had immense...
  16. mips42

    planning software

    I know 3e/3.5e had Dundjinni and 4e had Masterplan (which was fantastic) but, so far, 5e has a couple of excel sheets and that's it. I know Trapdoor is working on Dungeonscape for players and GMs but that doesn't seem to cover Adventure planning in the same way that the two listed examples did...
  17. mips42

    D&D 5E Real XP, Building XP and Actual Play

    In designing an encounter for 5e, using the CR's presented for the monsters, I built what I figured would be a Medium to slightly above encounter. However, according to the Building An Encounter rules, this would have been a Deadly Encounter (mostly due to the number of creatures) and stated...
  18. mips42

    Lost mine Rogue Gallery

    For the LMoP *or* The Forge of Spells PbP, please post a copy or move your character here. Thanks. As much as possible, please use this template just for consistency. I modified this from a template for 3.5e so I may have missed something. Add as needed. Name: Sex: Race: Class/Level...
  19. mips42

    D&D 5E Daze of edition past?

    I was reading (again) the 5B and saw that there is reference to being Dazed but didn't see reference to how to become Dazed or Daze others. Did I miss it or was it removed from Basic?
  20. mips42

    D&D 5E PHB first look

    I got my first look at the PHB today and I was a bit surprised and, in a way, sad at how much of Basic is straight out of the PHB. In a way, I was hoping for more advanced options from "Advanced" D&D. As much as I like 5e, and that's a LOT, overall I'm underwhelmed at the PHB (again, first looks).