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  1. Runesong42

    delete my account?

    Thanks to a birthday message, I realized that this account is still active. I haven't used it in, well: "You last visited: 3rd September 2005 at 01:27 AM". My current account, Herobizkit, is active and I no longer need this one. So, how do I close it?
  2. Runesong42

    Which is best: Dragonmech, Iron Kingdoms, d20 Steampunk, Other?

    I am looking to invest in a Steampunk setting/rules supplement, but don't have ready access to any I'm looking for. Can anyone recommend any decent Steampunk d20 Resource, or do a quick compare and contrast of a few so I can make the best purchase? :)
  3. Runesong42

    Question about publishing homebrew

    Hey all, I have a d20 modern campaign that I "invented" and played through a while back. I really like the concept, and I believe it was something that others may be interested in. The issue I'm having, though, is that a number of adventures I used were direct ports from Dungeon magazine and...
  4. Runesong42

    I just can't wait to be King

    Thanks to the input from my previous thread (Frustrated With Campaign Design), I am now ready to start designing adventures for my PC hero. This character is currently a "prince", in that he is heir to a throne; the current King is getting ready to pass on the yoke of leadership to the PC...
  5. Runesong42

    Frustrated with camapign design

    Hey all, Just wanted to vent for a few minutes. I am currently running a campaign that is set in a similar vein to the real-world discovery of the New World. The PC's have landed on a new, uncharted area and have begun to carve out a piece of civilization for themselves. They have met...
  6. Runesong42

    What's up with shuriken?

    Where is the rule that states that shuriken can be hurled at a rate of 3/attack? Or is this just a house rule? Do you get Str bonuses to these weapons?
  7. Runesong42

    my "dream" has been shattered

    Hey all, So I started a campaign about 2 years ago. It was a solo campaign, just me and a friend. Very RP intensive, and the setting was pretty much a build-as-we-go scenario. The friend and I had a falling out, and we parted ways for about a year. During that year, I had thought up more...
  8. Runesong42

    Town design -- how much is too much?

    Hey all, My DM and I are collaborating (sp?) on a project for one of my high level characters. She is a high priestess of her faith and she has decided on a tower for her church, much like a lighthouse (and thus could use the lighthouse stronghold as designed in Sword and Fist). As time rolls...
  9. Runesong42

    Need help with PrC design

    Hey all, I am trying to pick a Prestige Class for my Ftr6/Rog5, and I'm terribly indecisive. So, rather than pick one, I am trying to incorporate several PrC's into one. I want the PrC to have a ninja "feel" without a lot of the magical/mystical influences and more of a twin-weapon warrior...
  10. Runesong42

    Throwing Master PrC?

    Is there, or has there ever been, a Throwing Master prestige class? If so, where could I find it? And if it's OGL, would someone be willing to post it here? I am looking for a PrC for my F6/R5 and huckin' stuff just seems fun. Thx, Dru
  11. Runesong42

    Movie ideas

    I wish I were a rich director. There are already several D&D things I would love to see in movie form. I would love to see a live-action Temple of Elemental Evil and/or the abridged version of Return to tToEE. Ideally, one would live-action tape a group of players going through the...
  12. Runesong42

    Lizardfolk, but large

    If I were to take the basic stats for a lizardfolk (+2 STR +2 CON -2 INT) and then decide that the creature is Large rather than medium, what adjustments should I make? I want it to be a PC-able race.
  13. Runesong42

    Stomp, but Area Effect

    I am thinking about making a Monk/Psychic Warrior and my first level ability would be Stomp. I see that it has a range of 20' and is a cone-shaped effect. I would be interested in having the spell manifest as an area effect centered around me. Does such a power exist? Or, can I somehow...
  14. Runesong42

    Help with Monk/X gestalt build

    Hey all, I am attempting to decide on a decent class to partner up with a Monk for a gestalt character. Ignoring alignments, can anyone help me with an 'interesting' combination that would allow for effective monk-ing, but also have an interesting RP reason as to why such a character might...
  15. Runesong42

    Gestalt rules ?'s and help to create two

    I am currently running a single-player gestalt (First question: how do you pronounce this word?!) campaign based very loosely on Final Fantasy X. He has created a Paladin/Rogue (I do not use alignments in my game except as a descriptor -- only demons, undead and unredeemable black souls get the...
  16. Runesong42

    WTF is "cold iron", and why's it so special?

    I realize this is probably answered in a pdf somewhere, but I thought I'd ask the pros in-house. I recall seeing some creatures in the old D&D game having a weakness to "cold iron". Other than iron that is cold, what makes it stand out? Is it because weapons are normally made of steel? Or is...
  17. Runesong42

    [Arcana Unearthed] Racial "Classes"

    I've been re-reading my Arcana Unearhed, and realized that some races can "level up" and improve their base stats and abilities. The question *I* pose is, why would anyone do this? I mean, wasting up to 3 levels in class advancement to get a few bonuses doesn't seem like a decent trade-off. I...
  18. Runesong42

    Deadlands "Poker" system

    I'm not sure if Deadlands is OGL or not, but I would like to know how their Poker system works. I'm told they use cards and chips, but I'm not sure how, or why. I would consider using such a system for any upcoming Western d20 games I'd plan on running in the future. As as aside, it would...
  19. Runesong42

    d20 and creature multiple attacks

    I'm so confused by the way things are written for creatures. Let me give you the example I found this morning... d20 Urban Arcana, p 226: Giant Octopus. Atk +10 Melee (1d4+7, tentacle slam); Full Attack +10 Melee (1d4+7, 8 tentacle slams) What the hell does that mean if Doc Ock gets a Full...
  20. Runesong42

    RANT - Obsession with Clerics

    Now, I know I'm asking for trouble for bringing this up, but I'm starting to get a little tired with reading threads about parties without Clerics and people insisting Clerics are an essential part of an adventuring party. More specifically, I've noticed a trend that DM's like to add a...