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  1. the_David

    WotBS Questions after reading WotBS.

    Thanks for your responses. After reading the Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar I've got one question. How can the players recieve Deception's boon? I might have missed this, but I could only find that it wasn't very likely that they'd get it.
  2. the_David

    D&D 5E Recommendations for a 5e 3rd party adventure path?

    War of the Burning Sky. I'm reading the 3.5 version right now and it's good. I don't think they've converted all the adventures yet.
  3. the_David

    WotBS Questions after reading WotBS.

    I've started to read WotBS. I've tried this before but I stopped halfway through the third adventure. I've just read the Scouring of Gate Pass (3.5 version) and I think it would be a good idea to ask questions now so I don't forget them later. The adventure doesn't say anything about party...
  4. the_David

    WotBS WotbS RELOADED - Pathfinder

    And those updates are only visible for backers. It would be nice if other interested people could hear the news too...
  5. the_David

    WotBS Pathfinder: WotBS Campaign Guide

    I was hoping the Inquisitors and the Solei Palancis would get their own archetypes instead of feats. (Same goes for the other groups, actually.) Would that be too much of an effort?
  6. the_David

    WotBS Official War of the Burning Sky website

    The author working on the conversion hasn't posted in over a year. I'm guessing it's not anytime soon.
  7. the_David

    World of Whitethorn player's handout

    Some time ago, back in 2003 actually, Ed Cha posted a link to the player's handout for his World of Whitethorn campaign setting. Ofcourse, the link is now dead and the topic is closed. :erm: Now I'm gonna do something about that. With a little bit of magic, and some help from the wayback machine.