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  1. Pseudopsyche

    Why 30-level adventure paths?

    I love the idea of adventure paths, but I quail at the formidable challenge of keeping a group going for all 30 levels. So why don't we see more adventure paths (or plans for such) that span only one or two tiers? The advantages of a shorter path seem considerable: primarily a reduced...
  2. Pseudopsyche

    The new Kindle DX: good for gaming?

    In case you haven't heard, today Amazon announced a new Kindle with a 9.7" screen. It can display PDFs in grayscale. To be honest, I don't know much about these Kindle things, so maybe you can tell me. Will this be good for reading the DDI magazines in bed? For navigating notes at the game...
  3. Pseudopsyche

    adding plot/intrigue to KotS (in Eberron; spoilers)

    This week I will start a new Eberron campaign with Keep on the Shadowfell, and I'm worried that even the Eberron conversion from Dungeon 155 doesn't add enough intrigue. My players have voiced a preference for "more story" than a dungeon crawl, but I would really like to make some use of the...
  4. Pseudopsyche

    how to avoid player information overload in Eberron

    I'd like to adopt the Eberron setting for my upcoming campaign, but after learning the design philosophy behind the Points of Light default, I'm worried about overwhelming my players with background information. For example, the Five Nations sourcebook describes the average citizen's opinions...
  5. Pseudopsyche

    official revision to skill challenge system

    WotC just published new errata for the core books: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/updates . The DMG errata revises the skill challenge system. In short, the DCs have been changed so that moderate is about 10 + 1/2 level. (Target DCs are the same for skills and mere ability checks...
  6. Pseudopsyche

    no text in image verification

    I just tried to create a new account, but I couldn't pass the image verification step. The image always seems to contain a background texture but no actual letters or numbers. (I'm human, I think.) The problem occurs in both Safari 3 on my Mac and Firefox 3 on our PC. (I was actually trying...