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  1. Creamsteak

    3.5 What was the name of the book that tried to deconstruct AC/Saves/Etc?

    Years ago, pre 4e and Pathfinder, I recall someone had published a book that had tables of all the sort of expected ranges for various modifiers in 3rd or 3.5 edition (I forget which). I'm trying to find it as a reference for a discussion about older editions.
  2. Creamsteak

    Castlevania? [Interest Check]

    If anyone else caught the Castlevania Anime that was recently put out, I thought a particular moment in that was somewhat interesting. For those of you that didn't, slight spoilers, but essentially one year after the burning of a "witch" all hell breaks loose in the capital city and demons...
  3. Creamsteak

    5E [IC] Adventures in Ashwell: The Edge of Dispater

    The sound of hundreds of workers can be heard in the north-eastern corner of Ashwell. A wall is under construction, both here and elsewhere in the city. The stone is a mix of local material, some excavated from the ruins, and imported granite from a quarry several hundred miles away. The noise...
  4. Creamsteak

    5E [RG] Adventures in Ashwell

    Rogue's Gallery for the Adventure's in Ashwell game.
  5. Creamsteak

    5E [OOC] Adventures in Ashwell: The Edge of Dispater

    Initial recruiting thread for this game. I don't have a lot of setting design done like maps or the world as a whole. I've set up a quick two page PDF with some basic concepts. Take a look if you're interested.
  6. Creamsteak

    [Pre-Recruiting] Ashwell

    This thread is not a recruitment thread, more of a Q&A and establishing some initial interest. Ashwell is a setting idea I have that is inspired a bit by settings like Ptolus or the Tower of Druaga. In some ways it calls back to ideas I had some 15+ years ago, and also to some of the "spires"...
  7. Creamsteak

    5E [IC] Creamsteak's Princes of Elemental Evil II

    Upon returning to Red Larch the town was in recovery from an attack. While the party had been away, cultists of the air temple exacted an unfair retribution against the town triggering a tornado with many casualties. The cultists were defeated, and reinforcements and supplies have been sourced...
  8. Creamsteak

    5E [RG] Creamsteak's Princes of Elemental Evil II

    Characters in this game.
  9. Creamsteak

    5E [OOC] A Light Hearted Princes of Elemental Evil Hack and Slash II

    I've decided I need a clean break with the current game to try to regain some momentum. To briefly recap, adventurer's have confronted and wounded a variety of cults in the Dessarin Valley. First, they openly defeated water cultists at Rivergard Keep. (4th level) Then they sacked the first...
  10. Creamsteak

    Warhammer 40K Deathwatch?

    I have the Deathwatch core rulebook from 2010. Never played it. Have not even read it really. That said, I'm an armchair fan and am slightly considering running a fairly loose/light game. I only know the reviews and I will say upfront I'll probably be fairly loose with the rules and primarily...
  11. Creamsteak

    5E Quick first pass at a soulknife as a rogue archetype.

    So based on Mearls comments about the Psychic Warrior possibly becoming a fighter subclass, I was thinking about making a rogue subclass for the soul knife. This is a pretty quick pass, probably too strong as it seems most rogue archetypes don't have much combat power and this one kinda went...
  12. Creamsteak

    5E [IC] Creamsteak's Storm King's Thunder: Waterdeep

    Rising from the shores of its deep harbor to ring the great mountain standing tall out of the Sea of Swords is Waterdeep, the City of Splendors and the Crown of the North. To all of Faerfun, this great metropolis stands as the pinnacle of what a great city might be, in wealth, influence, and...
  13. Creamsteak

    5E I'm pretty hungry to play something out of Volo's Guide...

    Anyone recruiting for any 5e games that would be open to that? I have ideas for a few things, a Kobold, a Hobgoblin, a Kenku, or an Orc. I'm not looking to run another game at the moment, my plate is full.
  14. Creamsteak

    D&D Unable to log in with tapatalk

    Anyone else have this issue? I can log into the website fine, just not the app. Not a huge issue for me personally, but curious if there's any known issues.
  15. Creamsteak

    5E [IC] Escape from Castle Illvithar

    Castle Illvithar: OOC, IC, RG Our Party Koregar - Male Mountain Dwarf Paladin Siljar - Male Human Wizard Naeriss - Male Drow Ranger Whisper - Female Halfling Rogue Some information is available to characters with certain skills, languages, perception, etc. I will be putting that information...
  16. Creamsteak

    5E [RG] Escape From Castle Illvithar

    Castle Illvithar: OOC, IC, RG
  17. Creamsteak

    5E [OOC] Escape from Castle Illvithar

    Castle Illvithar: OOC, IC, RG Intro The Dread Lich Illvithar, Defender of Pale, The Scourge of the Living, Lord of Undeath was supposedly destroyed some hundred years ago. His domain, once shrouded in darkness, has been restored by time, nature, and sunlight. The ruins of his great castle still...
  18. Creamsteak

    GM Advice Some quick map creation techniques

    I've had a couple questions about this come to me in PM and I just wanted to do an example map real quick for some people. This isn't intended to be the end-all be-all of making maps, but the process is pretty quick and dirty and gets you something useful. Maybe others will have other advice for...
  19. Creamsteak

    5E Initiative rules in 5e. Also related to reactions and delaying.

    So with the current rules I feel like they have done a good job for a lot of circumstances. Even the changes from a "surprised round" to a "surprised condition" work very well with my group. There has been some recent debate about what a readied action can do. I think we all agree that at best...
  20. Creamsteak

    5E [IC] Creamsteak's Storm King's Thunder: Goldenfields

    Storm King's Thunder: Triboar, Goldenfields, OOC, RG G1. GATEHOUSE The Northfurrow trail ends before a magnificent stone gatehouse carved with images of a full-bodied woman (representations of Chauntea) cradling cornucopias. The gatehouse is a fortress in its own right. Above its tall...