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    [TRAILER] Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    After this one, I hope we finally get new stories.....and go away from the past. There is an entire galaxy of people......IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON.
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    The Return of Tyranny of Dragons: First Impressions

    I haven't seen the new version, but it sounds like they put minimal effort into the re-release. I'm not sure I understand that. Why not actually bring it to the new way of presenting adventures? Why not really fix some of the issues? There is a good story there. There are some good encounters...
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    Pathfinder 2 GM Experience

    Are people finding it really swingy, or just sort of swingy? thanks,
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    Dare You Face the Demonplague? A Review

    Not completely different from the alpha version of the novel I have drafted! Interesting....
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    Dragon Reflections #26

    People didn't like Giants in the Earth? Huh.
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    What would you bring from PF2e to your 5e game?

    In your games, monsters move around once they are near heroes? Characters take AoOs often? Maybe it's who I've played with....
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    What would you bring from PF2e to your 5e game?

    I've been noodling the whole "only certain creatures get AoO"....because what I find boring in 5e is the combat and how once you are in position, you are in position and everyone just stands around swinging until the opponents die.....but then, I come from a tactical bent......
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    [D&D 5e] Vancouver WA - Face to face game looking for players

    I might be able to do every other Sunday, ,give or take. I'll PM you.
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    [D&D 5e] Vancouver WA - Face to face game looking for players

    What day of the week are you considering? I live just across the bridge....
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    5E Official Locathah Playable Race Released

    Any comments on the actual adventure? I see this as a one shot, most likely...
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    Pathfinder 2e

    Help me understand how a monster that has one attack type does anything else other than attack? I mean, it could move away and then take an AOO. but when you get next to it, it will do the same attack it did before. In 3E and 4E, monsters generally had more than 1 attack type, and in 4E, of...
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    PF2 Embedding Level Into The Narrative

    Something between bounded accuracy and PF2 appeals to me, I just don't know what that is exactly....
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    Pathfinder 2e

    What game could have been made to move people away from a game they are happy with? I'm not sure I understand your argument here.
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    Pathfinder 2 and the game Paizo should have made

    Me. a guy that has played D&D since it was first released. I find it funny that people say the choices in PF2 don't mean much, when at most levels in 5e, you don't get anything at all, let alone choices.
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    Pathfinder 2e

    So many assumptions here. I'm a 5e player that is switching 5E is boring to me. You level and get nothing but HPs....and the MM monsters just stand there and swing until they die mostly. I don't know why people feel the need to speak with such certainty about other people and their interests.....
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    Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

    Ya, I don't agree at all. It offers some choices, and the monsters are much more interesting to run then 5e.
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    Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

    I bought the book yesterday. I've played ONLY D&D since it was first released, but this is a great rule set. I hope to find people to play with here in Portland, OR.
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    What do you like about the new site?

    I can open it and read article on my phone, even with tapatalk as the default for boards.....HUGE.
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    What are you reading? September's Septic Septum edition!

    Recently finished Guy Kay's most recent. As always, awesome. Just started the first Mazalan book......