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  1. Dire Lemming

    Dire Lemming: something seems medically wrong with me. I may post slowly for while.

    To anyone this may concern. For some reason I woke up this morning after after admittedly not enough sleep and I suddenly can't control me right arm properly and it's not going back to normal so. So I'm probably gonna go to the hospital to see if I can figure out what's wrong if it lasts much...
  2. Dire Lemming

    Looking for DM tools.

    Hi, I'm kind of a newbie at DMing and I've been having allot of trouble keeping track of everything in my PbP game. Does anyone know of any good free tools that could help? Specifically in organizing things like stats and descriptions for NPCs and locations? Thanks.
  3. Dire Lemming

    Planewalker is acting very odd

    Has anyone tried going to http://www.planewalker.com today? It keeps taking me to this site instead. http://quantz.lunarpages.com/suspended.page/ Anyone know what Lunarpages is?
  4. Dire Lemming

    Assassin City

    Rogues Gallery OOC Thread You're all standing in an alleyway in the low ward, across the street from The Winged Wench. The inn/tavern in which works Elly, the barmaid whom Ethranor has hired to act as an informant. He had recently received the signal that there was more work for you, and so...
  5. Dire Lemming

    Assassin City Rogue's Gallery

    Killers for hire, here.
  6. Dire Lemming

    OOC - Assassin City [Recruiting One]

    Here's the new OOC thread, with a convenient OOC in the title so that if we ever get subscriptions back you'll be able to tell. :) Also, no more recruiting. Ok, so I'll make the other threads and then link to them. Recruitment thread Old DM discussion thread World Map Rogues Gallery In...
  7. Dire Lemming

    Assassin City - DM Discussion Thread

    Ok, here it is Blackrat. I guess we ought to place all the junk in here, so I'm reserve a few posts.
  8. Dire Lemming

    Assassin City

    This game will likely have some mature content, so just be aware of that. Link to initial discussion thread: http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=212344 Link to the world map: http://www.enworld.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=31915 Character Creation is ECL 5, 36 point buy. Ask if you...
  9. Dire Lemming

    Hitman style game idea

    So as probably no one here knows, the movie inspired by the Hitman series of stealth/action video games is coming out soon. Well I don't really care about that but it got me thinking about how playing a contract killer like 47 would translate into a PnP RPG style. I think it might be fairly...
  10. Dire Lemming

    Where is Festy Dog?

    We're waiting for him in equivelent exchange and he's not showing up. I saw that he hasn't shown up for six days so far so, anyone know anything? :confused: