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  1. jydog1

    looking for advice/tips

    I'm an extremely inexperienced GM cobbling together a Gamma World mod for a 1-shot and figured this is the place for some helpful info. The PCs will be 5th level (and yes, given the lethality of the system I've made plenty of backups and an easy way to introduce them :p). 1) Is there an...
  2. jydog1

    Muddled Pasts - Pathfinder 3.5

    So instead of just keeping notes somewhere I figured I might as well keep track of our new Pathinder 3.5 campaign here, even if I'm the only one who ends up reading it. At time's I'll slip from anoverview to my character's (Grezz) POV, just because. Right now we have 4 players, one who is...
  3. jydog1

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Character Builder?

    Starting in a new Pathfinder campaign and looking for a good character builder program. I've tinkered around with a few out there, does anyone know of one that's superlative? Thanks.
  4. jydog1

    A question for DMs more experienced than myself - aka everyone

    Howdy. With a lack of a home game to play in right now (but hopefully one on the horizon) I eased into learning/playing 4e at the local gaming store with LFR mods. As the owner accurately described it they aren't a nice steak dinner, but they're not fast-food either. Quality varies. Would I...