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    4E [OOC DISCUSSION] Daunton's Dead Rises Again. DM: Dimsdale

    Let's use this OOC thread to discuss any and all things so we don't weigh down the adventure thread.
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    4E [Adventure!] Daunton's Dead Rises Again DM: Dimsdale.

    Among the ruins of the city of Daunton a strange light appears at the exact location of where the inn once stood. The light intensifies and starts to take the shape of a humanoid with a muscular build and dark black eyes. He turns its head from left to right to check it's surroundings...
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    4E Lvl 1 Dungeon Anyone?

    Anyone want start a character from scratch? I'd be happy to be the DM. Just looking to see if there is an interest.
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    4E [Adventure] The Jade Ring (DM: Dimsdale)

    Skill Challenge: Information about the ring Go for it!
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    4E Proposal: Multi DMs during an adventure

    Reason for the proposal: Not very many DMs around these days and many characters in the range of lvl 7 to 11 with some soon to be in the 12-14 range. Proposal: I'd like to create an adventure with one of my characters in it. There are other seasoned DMs with characters in the tavern waiting...
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    4E [adventure]:The Search for Vlastoes (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??)

    Welcome to The Search for Vlastoes Vermitrax (Voda Vosa) Sharpe (Luinnar) Dox (Stonegod) Drew (MetaVoid) Prime (Someone) Kamotz (CaBaNa) 1. Borrowed from H.M.Gimlord and Mal Malenkirk...and Johnmeier1 :) 2. I've also borrowed Voda Vosa's map tool idea. In combat, you are allow to move your...
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    4E [Adventure]: Turning the Tide (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??)

    Welcome everyone to the adventure Turning the Tide Participants: 1. Eva: Elf Wizard L3 (Dekana) 2. Ignus Ironband: Kobald Monk L1 (Rapida) 3. Merri: Vampire L3 (FourMonos) 4. Graven: Warfored Hybrid Swordmage/Wizard L2 (VanderLegion) As you enter the room you notice a stout human dressed...
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    4E [Adventure]: Bosch's Revenge (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??)

    [Adventure: Bosch's Revenge: Sequel to the Mark of Trogdor] Characters: 1. Skalisss: Lvl Dragonborn Paladin (Jryoung) Defender 2. Raijin: Lvl Genasi Dragon Magic Sorcerer (Johnmeier1) Striker 3. Quan: Lvl Human Hunter (FourMonos) Controller 4. Rocco Shadowlost: Lvl Dwarf Fighter (Neurotic)...
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    4E [Adventure]: The Bane of the Black Dragon (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??)

    Welcome everyone to the adventure: The Bane of the Black Dragon. Party Members: Sharpe Wellington: Half-Elf Bard: Lvl 3 (Luinnar) Leader Prime: Warforged Fighter: Lvl 5 (Someone) Defender Drew: Human Monk Lvl 5 (MetaVoid) Striker Gallen: Shifter Druid Lvl 5(Ozymandias79) Controller Zharne...
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    4E [Adventure]: The Mark of Trogdor (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??)

    [Adventure: The Mark of Trogdor] Characters: 1. Skalisss: Lvl 7 Dragonborn Paladin (Jryoung) Defender 2. Raijin: Lvl 6 Genasi Dragon Magic Sorcerer (Johnmeier1) Striker 3. Quan: Lvl 6 Human Hunter (FourMonos) Striker 4. Rocco Shadowlost: Lvl 6 Dwarf Fighter (Neurotic) Defender 5. Nementah: Lvl...
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    Character Adventuring Careers

    It's done. Take a look here Post to this thread if I don't have information correct for your character. I'll update the page everytime a new adventure begins. Four or five characters have been approved, but I couldn't locate whether or not they where in an adventure. My guess is they are...
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    Gen Con Stories: Past and Present

    As Gen Con draws closer and the fact that both of my games are going at a slow pace, mostly due to the recent Enworld commuter problems, I thought I would share a Gen Con related story with everyone. The "Old School" Gen Con years used to be held in a college (I want to say University of...
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    Proposal: Slight Tweak to Goliath Great Weapons Prowess

    The Goliath Great Weapons Prowess Feat gives a goliath two things: weapon proficiency to simple and military 2H weapons and a +2 for damage when using them. I proposes that the +2 carry over to superior weapons in which a goliath has to used an additional feat in order to gain proficiency of...
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    Adventure Careers

    I took a seek peak at Lord Sessadore's characters sheet for Raiyek and became inspired. He has an adventure career section. I took the idea (I hope you are not upset LS) and created this Character Careers. Feel free to take a look. Everyone in this pbp should be in there. Check to see if you...
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    Proposal: Special Cases for 3 characters

    Many members of this community are judges. Many are DM's for one or more adventures. Some run adventures as well as have characters in other adventures. Being a judge and running adventure are huge time commitments. And because of that, I can see where a limit was imposed. However, some of us...
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    Archive for outdated weapons, armor, etc

    Got an old weapon, piece of armor or anything else that has meaning to you and you don't want to sell it. Here a chance to document it and put it in a special place. Example: Kruk is a fighter who scored a plus 50 attack as a 1st level fighter on an orc body guard in "The Long Arm of...