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    Mana users & Divine channeling

    Sorry. It's a mess right now. RUNNING PROJECT Newest Change: 8 Dec. (Suggestion and critic are wellcome! Don't hold back) I decided to write down how I feel the magic system should be. If you have any thoughts about it feel free to share. Mana users & Divine channeling Neither clerics nor...
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    'Hide in Plain Sight' question.

    I know that See Invisibility don't reveal hiding creatures but does this change since the Hide in plain sight is SU? It's not like there need to be something blocking the line of sight.
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    Rangers. Why? Maybe this is the solution.

    Ok. I know that titel was biased :D I never liked the D&D ranger. I never either understood why the fighter should have so few skills to chose from. My plan now is to remove the ranger class completely. Then add the rangers skill selection choise to the fighters. Giving the fighter some needed...
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    Full round casting and haste?

    A) You can use the extra partial action to complete the spell in same round you started casting it. (As in that all spellcasting speeds up when you are hasted) B) Once you start casting you have to wait untill the next round where the spell will be completed just before it becomes your turn...
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    My rant on Energy Substitution.

    Energy Substtution was a bad idea from the beginning. It makes the game (more :D) unbalanced. Example (Sonic vs. Fire.. Yes, I know. Have been discussed a lot): If Sonic was that easy to come by everybody would be using it. Most supernatural creatures are immune to the more mudane elements...
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    Picture? Help.

    Ok. I'm a complete newbie in this field. How do I post a picture? Do I need to download it to these boards first? Is it bad that the picture I want to post is a Bitmap? Please don't laugh at me... Note: I never had any problems showing pictures from other websites but I don't have a website...
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    [OT] 17 years left. What to do?

    Ok. The risk of collision is only 1:1 million (Edit: 1:50.000 - Note to self. Don't trust tv). :D http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/2147879.stm
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    [FLPBCNFAIS]I don't like Energy Drain as written in the books. How about you?

    This is a [FLPBCNFAIS - Felt Like Posting But Could Not Find An Interesting Subject] thread. I never really liked the idea of permanent level drain. I would like to know how others feel about it.
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    Monster Manual Errata

    Re: D20 Owls Actually it is a defence against the owls natural enemie.. Big snakes. The owls special defence is activated instinctively whenever it becomes pinned. The result is often a lockdown between the snake and the owl. The snake can't swallow the owl but refuses to let go. Such a...
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    [OT - Rant] Why is it so bad?

    Trolls/Trolling. It's something people always complain about. But why? No one is forcing you to write a response (I assume). And those who do are either joking (Fun is ok), Letting out steam (So what if it make them feel better) or are being serious (It doesn't really matter if they respond to...
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    Suggestion on how to improve players roleplay....

    There seems to be so many "How do I get better roleplaying from my players" threads around. So instead of posting responses to all of them I just desided to make a new thread (The moderators must love this trend :D). Anyway. A trick I often use is to have a none-player close at hand. As a DM...
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    Me. Myself and a Munchkin.

    Lately I have heard a lot about the therm "Munchkin" so I started wondering about what this mysterious word cover. I sat, I thought and I concluded the following: A munchkin in my book is someone who doesn't really play a character but just some stats.... One who make some stats and then almost...
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    Ignore lists...?

    I'm just curious about weather they are being used or not? (Seems to me that they are more truble than they are worth) Thought the guys who runs this place might know that.
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    New spells - Good bad or ugly

    The Secret tome one should not work with magical writings (Or anything that has any kind of magic bound to it) such as a spellbook. Then I might considder it as a first level. (If it could it should occupy a high level spellslot... Maybe 2 6th level ones.. dunno. [Edit: Still don't think I would...
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    New spells - Good bad or ugly

    LOL This is non-topic. If your game was played in Denmark I would hope that the one named Gratis would considder a name change 'cause in danish Gratis means "For free" or "Free of charge". Imangine the confusion when you introduce yourself as the one who will take the job with "Hi. I'm 'for...
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    Moving Silently w. a Spike Chain

    I agree. You might need to fold the chain but as long as it is being held stretched it will probably make less sound than your breathing. And not to forget. When it is being held stretched it contains a lot of potential energy for a quick swing.
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    How to become a half fiend?

    "The blackguard empitomizes evil. He is nothing short of a mortal fiend..... " (DMG P. 30) :D I think there would be a higher chance of achieving this goal. But just MO.
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    Limited Polymorph

    Both good ideas but then the spell would still be an instant kill spell. (The fish example) I am going in the direction that if you want to learn a shape you would have to study that creature in it's natural environment. (A fish is not studiet well looking into water- Lights bending on the...
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    Limited Polymorph

    I think it would make the spell to weak if you had to spend any knowledge skills in order to make it work. Then I would prefer to keep it as a part of the magical research. Knowing about a creature and knowing how to become a creature might also be two different things.