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  1. Nev the Deranged

    February Game Day Actual Play Reports!

    So! Played some Agon, and ran some Don't Rest Your Head. Both rocked. Here are the bits I remember, hopefully my fellow players can fill in their recollections as well. Agon, in the AM. Competitive Greek heroics. It took us a while to get up to speed with this one, partly because we did...
  2. Nev the Deranged

    Chicagoland Gamers Association Frappr

    Hey. I created a Frappr for Chicago area gamers to find each other and see at a glance who might be up for what, when, and where. IMPORTANT!: If you add yourself, please include the following info in addition to whatever personal stuff you desire: 1) Games You Are Willing to Run / Host. 2)...