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  1. Falstaff

    DM/GM Advice Books

    Hello fellow gamers. Can you guys point me towards any books on DM/GM advice and tips? Thanks.
  2. Falstaff

    D&D 5E XP For NPCs With Class Levels

    Hello - I have read through the playtest materials, but I could be just overlooking the rule, but is there a guideline on how many XP an NPC with class levels is worth? I want to create a 3rd-level Mage villain for my campaign, but I'm not sure how much XP he'd be worth if/when the PCs defeat...
  3. Falstaff

    D&D 3E/3.5 [v.3.5] Pistol Stats

    Hey guys, I'm working on some NPC/badguys that are x-pirates and I want a few of them to have pistols. In which v.3.5 book are pistol stats found? Thanks in advance.
  4. Falstaff

    D&D 3E/3.5 [v.3.5] Polymorph

    Hello, I know the Polymorph mechanics were overhauled in v.3.5. Were the new rules ever compiled and released? Or possibly an online article that explains the changes? Thanks in advance.
  5. Falstaff

    You Can Now Pre-order 13th Age

    In case you're interested, you can now pre-order the 13th Age role playing game: Pelgrane Press Ltd Blog Archive 13th Age Escalation Edition
  6. Falstaff

    Kenzer & Co. Giving Away A Copy Of The New HackMaster Player's Handbook

    If you follow Kenzer and Co. on Twitter (Kenzerco) and you re-tweet their tweet about the free giveaway, you're entered into a drawing for a free copy of the HackMaster Player's Handbook. Pretty cool offer. The contest ends this Sunday. Edit: That's a PDF copy!
  7. Falstaff

    Adventure Path

    I'm sure this has been asked several times before, but what's the highest rated or regarded Adventure Path? I'm thinking of starting one for my group.
  8. Falstaff

    Poison Saving Throws

    Hello, When a PC is suffering the effects of poison and he gets to make a save each round to end the effects, does he make his save before he takes poison damage or after? Does he get to take his actions for the round first?
  9. Falstaff

    Character Sheet for iPad

    Hey guys, I'm searching the Apple App store for a good character record sheet app for my Pathfinder character. I see several apps. Some free some not. For those of you that have an iPad and run one of the apps, which is the best?
  10. Falstaff

    DM's Kit & the Treasure Generation System

    I really like the random treasure generation system in the Essentials DM's Kit. However, I don't think my players will! So far I've designed about 5 encounters for the first adventure and not one item of treasure has been generated. My dice must hate the PCs! :lol: Anyone else run into this...
  11. Falstaff

    NPCs & XP

    Hello, I want to create a few evil thieves (Essentials) to use in the campaign I'm DMing. But I can't locate anything in my Essentials books about how many XP a 3rd-level human thief is worth. Any help?
  12. Falstaff

    Damage Modifiers

    Hello, One of my players has created a Hexblade from the Essentials book. The damage for his Eldritch Bolt is 1d10 + Cha modifier. However, his Fey Pack Boon also says he gets to add his Dex modifier. He has a Cha modifier of +3 and a Dex modifier of +4, so his damage with Eldritch Bolt would...
  13. Falstaff

    Healing Surge Damage

    Hello, What happens when a Deathlock Wight damages you with a claw attack but you have no healing surges left to lose? Anything?
  14. Falstaff

    The One Ring™: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild

    The One Ring™: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild Some of you gamers might find this interesting: Cubicle 7 Outlines Plans for Lord of the Rings™ RPG - RPGnet Forums My excitement for this game can't really be expressed in words.
  15. Falstaff

    Falling Into Water

    Hello, I have my Essentials Rules Compendium and I've searched through the rules, but I can't seem to find anything about filling into water. I was assuming the damage would be lessened, right? Is this rule in the book and I'm just overlooking it?
  16. Falstaff

    [Essentials] Awarding Treasure

    Hello, In the Essentials Rules Compendium, on page 298, there are rules for generating treasures. The DM rolls 1d20 for each category and if he/she meets or beats a target number for a listed item (or items) the treasure is awarded. For example, one of the treasures for a Level 1 Party reads...
  17. Falstaff

    Monster Manual 3

    I'm thinking of picking up MM3. But, can anyone tell me about the errata? Does MM3 require modifying the monster stat blocks so that they match the current rules?
  18. Falstaff

    Awarding Treasure

    Hello, I want to separate treasure awards from monsters/NPCs/etc. I would like to be able to parcel treasure awards across levels. I was thinking of using table 12-4: Character Wealth by Level to generate my pool of treasure to parcel out. For example, for a party of 4 1st level PCs, I'd have...
  19. Falstaff

    Goblin Treasure

    Hello, I'm finding the amount of treasure one goblin has a little over the top. If I am following the guidelines correctly from the core book, here's what a goblin has in the way of treasure: 50 gp to spend on weapons: short sword, short bow, and 20 arrows. This leaves 9 gp. 130 gp to spend...
  20. Falstaff

    Favored Class

    Hello, Favored Class, page 31, it says "when a character gains a level" he receives the benefit. Later in the same paragraph its says "including first level". My confusion: does a newly created, first level character, receive the Favored Class benefit?