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    Mana users & Divine channeling

    Sorry. It's a mess right now. RUNNING PROJECT Newest Change: 8 Dec. (Suggestion and critic are wellcome! Don't hold back) I decided to write down how I feel the magic system should be. If you have any thoughts about it feel free to share. Mana users & Divine channeling Neither clerics nor...
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    'Hide in Plain Sight' question.

    I know that See Invisibility don't reveal hiding creatures but does this change since the Hide in plain sight is SU? It's not like there need to be something blocking the line of sight.
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    Rangers. Why? Maybe this is the solution.

    Ok. I know that titel was biased :D I never liked the D&D ranger. I never either understood why the fighter should have so few skills to chose from. My plan now is to remove the ranger class completely. Then add the rangers skill selection choise to the fighters. Giving the fighter some needed...
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    Full round casting and haste?

    A) You can use the extra partial action to complete the spell in same round you started casting it. (As in that all spellcasting speeds up when you are hasted) B) Once you start casting you have to wait untill the next round where the spell will be completed just before it becomes your turn...
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    My rant on Energy Substitution.

    Energy Substtution was a bad idea from the beginning. It makes the game (more :D) unbalanced. Example (Sonic vs. Fire.. Yes, I know. Have been discussed a lot): If Sonic was that easy to come by everybody would be using it. Most supernatural creatures are immune to the more mudane elements...
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    Picture? Help.

    Ok. I'm a complete newbie in this field. How do I post a picture? Do I need to download it to these boards first? Is it bad that the picture I want to post is a Bitmap? Please don't laugh at me... Note: I never had any problems showing pictures from other websites but I don't have a website...
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    [OT] 17 years left. What to do?

    Ok. The risk of collision is only 1:1 million (Edit: 1:50.000 - Note to self. Don't trust tv). :D http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/2147879.stm
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    [FLPBCNFAIS]I don't like Energy Drain as written in the books. How about you?

    This is a [FLPBCNFAIS - Felt Like Posting But Could Not Find An Interesting Subject] thread. I never really liked the idea of permanent level drain. I would like to know how others feel about it.
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    [OT - Rant] Why is it so bad?

    Trolls/Trolling. It's something people always complain about. But why? No one is forcing you to write a response (I assume). And those who do are either joking (Fun is ok), Letting out steam (So what if it make them feel better) or are being serious (It doesn't really matter if they respond to...
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    Suggestion on how to improve players roleplay....

    There seems to be so many "How do I get better roleplaying from my players" threads around. So instead of posting responses to all of them I just desided to make a new thread (The moderators must love this trend :D). Anyway. A trick I often use is to have a none-player close at hand. As a DM...
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    Me. Myself and a Munchkin.

    Lately I have heard a lot about the therm "Munchkin" so I started wondering about what this mysterious word cover. I sat, I thought and I concluded the following: A munchkin in my book is someone who doesn't really play a character but just some stats.... One who make some stats and then almost...
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    Ignore lists...?

    I'm just curious about weather they are being used or not? (Seems to me that they are more truble than they are worth) Thought the guys who runs this place might know that.
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    Limited Polymorph

    First. If this has been suggested before don't flame me. :rolleyes: Now. This is a question about how to interpretate the "can" in polymorphspells :). I always found them to be stupidly unbalanced if only your imagination was the limit to which form you could chose. Polymorphing somebody...
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    I Moved It

    http://test.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?threadid=13496 Moved.
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    Humor... Sort of. Mazeguards

    It always seems that players always bring a thread of some kind in case they need to find their way out of a mazelike place. Well. Wouldn't the bad guys be familiar with these tricks. Here is one of the bad guys solution. Mazeguard- Mazeguards are enigmatic creatures created by a wizard with a...
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    The Illusion of XP

    There is a thing that bother me about the xp system in 3E. I realise that not everybody here use that system (myself included) but it is the filosofy about it that is my problem and would like to hear if I have missed genius in it. I don't see the reason to reward xp per encounter. If somebody...
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    The inner or real Demon?

    I was wondering wich kind of Demon (Devil, Monster etc.) that people would least want to face. Now forget the powerlevels or any similar method of definition. We will assume that their potential experiencevalue are the same. In your nightmare wich is worst? A) A Symbolic Demon: It's...
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    The heavy burden of money

    Their is one detail I always seems to forget when I DM. The weight of coins. I tried to look in the core books for the info once but I didn't find it. I can remember having heard something about coins of the old age being quit heavy compared with todays coins tough (Size and the mix of...
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    Humor: Paranoia- Magic, a dangerous force!

    If anything brings forth laughs after the game, it's those paranoid episodes. I was reading in PHB and stumbled upon the spell Augury.. Man this spell has potential! And soon a wand was made. Other items followed and soon there was 4 (okay not that great I know, but I have only worked on this...