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  1. V_Shane

    FREE Publisher Art from VShane

    Hi everyone! Its Friday again and that means free AOTA Publisher art. Its a new renewing of the direction of Arcane, and to make sure everyone knows, each week will have a new professional quality 300 dpi file for your usage. I am hoping the wordgets spread for those that are starting up, as...
  2. V_Shane

    AOTA freebie even after Inland Hurricane!

    WOW, house damage, tons of yard cleanup, no electric (they say for 2 weeks!) and all my business is online working from home! see here: Storm damage reports from around the Heartland - The Official KFVS12 and Heartland News Web Site | This could have been a serious career issue. So I want to...
  3. V_Shane

    Artifacts and Petroglyphs

    Artifacts of the Arcane has finally (after 7 years on RPGnow..see the freebies) developed and branded with a logo. Come visit the blog homepage of AOTA, MP3s for gaming, art for GMs and for Publishers. Hope you like the new look of Artifacts of the Arcane. No worries, no sales pitch there...
  4. V_Shane

    All Arcane Pub. Edtns & Artifacts 50% off

    Merry Christmas and wonderful Holidays. Hope this sale on VShane Artifacts of the Arcane Products and Publishers Editions Clip Art....helps you fill in the gaps to your collections. Visit EnWorlds store or RPGnow and indulge if you can! May this season find all of you reaching new heights with...
  5. V_Shane

    Available for interior B/W art

    Hi everyone, enough of my schedule has cleared that I hope I can attain some PDF/Print creators for some interior b/w illustration. If you've seen my Arcane publishers series art, you can only imagine what I can do for directly commissioned pieces. My rates are well balanced for the budget...
  6. V_Shane

    VShane's Publisher Clip Art # 10

    Arcane Publishers Edition Vol. 10 : LOST ART.... 20 images highest resolution JPEGS,(6 x 7 inches @ 300 dpi), With download size in mind these were formatted in Photoshop's highest setting for JPEG (photo standard). Easily convertable to Tiff in RGB format, though painted in CMYK. The Lost Art...
  7. V_Shane

    Free publisher Clip art

    Thats right, all of the news, updates, freebies, coupons, cartoons and some self publishing material all specific to Artifacts of the Arcane and Arcane Publishers Editions are available here: AOTA & A.P.E. BLOG!! V Shane
  8. V_Shane

    V Shane's : War Machines

    After being lost for several years, art has emerged to renew the Arcane Publishers Editions series once again. This time returning in FULL COLOR! There are about 40 images in all, and all of them are paintings. Shown here is sample of the first set War Machines This image is watermarked for...
  9. V_Shane

    WIZARDS "Peace" Bakshi desktop free

    Courtesy of...me No he's not dead or anything (that I know of), I was really infulenced by this movie and the artwork in it as a kid. So here I give for the holidays a desktop, original art, no swipes from the animation stills. Below are the desktops. If you know the movie you know its a play...
  10. V_Shane

    Arcane Publishers Edtn 8

    http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=5333& Arcane Publishers Edtn. Vol 8 Creatures contains 32 monsters/ 20 of them are standard Adventurer encounters done in my own interpretations; * Kobold * WereWolf * Ogre * Vampire * Gnoll * Rustmonster and many others...
  11. V_Shane

    Wizard Kanji TTF for PDFs and other

    This unique font gives the feel of a natural brush script of magical origin. Used perhaps as a way to keep spells hidden, in other ways the symbols themselves invoke powers all thier own. Use for any publication as a decorative font to enhance products or your game! Wizard Kanji font
  12. V_Shane

    New Wizard Kanji Font

    The new font "Wizard Kanji" will only be available in the new Arcane Publishers Edition 7, through many requests for a new Arcane font. APE 7 will be released tomorrow Dec. 20th! Remember you get APE 6 free when 7 is bought ;) Only available through RPGnow (exclusivly). APE 7 Direct Link
  13. V_Shane

    Tight Budget? Need 110 images for you product?

    When Arcane Publishers Edition Vol. 7 is released Dec. 20th on RPGnow, All who purchase it from the 20th to the 31st will recieve Arcane Pub. Edtn. Vol 6 for FREE! That saves you $25! If you already have Vol. 6 and want a different one, email me (v_shane@indiemail.com, with the address you...
  14. V_Shane

    AOTA Vol. 7 Publishers ART new

    All new art. All new variety. Scenes, people, places, animals, graphics......it may surprise you. Coming Dec. 20th Be sure to check out what is in store for you in Vol. 7...50 + images for your use! Check it out now!
  15. V_Shane

    Treasure Items, Figures, and Fonts..SALE

    ITS A HUGE THANKS! For being excellent customers. Thank you, and if you needed to complete your Artifacts of the Arcane Collections and Fanasy Fonts now is the time. All AOTA (non-publisher) are on sale at $3.00 across the board. All fonts are $2.00 across the board as well! Sale ends by Dec...
  16. V_Shane

    Arcane Publishers Edtn 6

    Through several customers request, I have made the original Artifacts of the Arcane Elven Edition vol. 3 as a Publishers Edition # 6. All 60 images from the original from characters, armor, items to weapons. $25.....300 dpi Tiff, all single images organized in folders. I won't be on the net...
  17. V_Shane

    RPG Worlds how many are there online?

    I want to put up a links section on my site to other rpg "World" settings. Doesn't matter of they are "d20" "0gl" or whatever. I am curious an interested in putting up links to sites that are dedicated to a whole world setting. any links anyone?
  18. V_Shane

    Arcane Phoenix series: Rings I

    Here in the Rings I edition, you have available 30 types of ring oriented body-wear. There are more rings here than in 3-4 combined of the previous series AOTA. Imagine future series as well, Swords I might have 20+ illustrated blank cards of just swords...nothing else. Each of the successive...
  19. V_Shane

    Arcane Phoenix Series

    Artifacts of the Arcane rises again with this sequential series. The first set is "Rings" High Rez illustrated blank cards for use in any game. All new art, no rehashes from any of the previous versions. Used up your older Arcane images for game play? Coming May 3rd. New Packet every 2 weeks...
  20. V_Shane

    Who can I get to create metal miniatures?

    Can anyone point me to a company that makes custom metal miniatures (I have a client who is interested in a very large order) as I will be making the style guides for the designs. I"ll just be doing the art, but I was hoping to point him in the direction of a EnWorld/RPGshop local whom might do...