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    10th-level Commoners do exist!

    See this news article...
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    New SRD available

    The new SRD is available at the WOTC website. Check out http://www.wizards.com/D20/article.asp?x=srd35 Note: The "All-in-One SRD Download" has not yet been updated.
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    burrowing vs. object hardness & hps

    Does anyone have ideas on how to adjudicate the damage that burrowing creatures do to objects? For example, the Thoqqua can burrow through rock at 20ft speed. According to DMG p.107, a 10x10ft (x5 ft thick) section of unworked stone has a hardness 8 and 900 hit points -- and the Thoqqua should...
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    Hurrah! Wildshape repaired

    Check out the revisions/clarifications to Wildshape in the Master of the Wild sneak preview at http://www.wizards.com/dnd/article.asp?x=dnd/dx20020202ex After the nerfing Wildshape suffered under the innumerable polymorph revisions, I am amazed that WOTC interepreted Wildshape so favorably --...
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    Polymorph revisions

    I posted my house rules regarding the various polymorph-type spells to the old forums. Since then I've had more time to playtest them (as have some other DMs I shared these rules with) and have cleaned up the spell descriptions a little. The reasoning for my changes to polymorph self (and...