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  1. J

    Looking for item creation rules

    I am looking for something to put in a specific location -- in this case a cave with connections to the elemental plane of earth -- where characters can create their own item by investing their own XP, gold and time. This would be a one time thing, where a PC could enchant a new item or upgrade...
  2. J

    Bo9S - Initiator Level of multi class character

    I just want to make sure I have this right: A Ftr2/Crusader 8 counts as a Crusader 9 for Initiator level, specifically for purposes of determining the highest level maneuvers he can learn, right? I am looking at the bottom of the first column, page 39, and the top of the second column, same...
  3. J

    Dual-wielding two big swords

    I am trying to model a figure from a miniatures game (specifically, the Exemplar Seneschal from Privateer Press' Warmachine, seen here: http://www.privateerpress.com/WARMACHINE/gallery/default.php?level=picture&id=189). I believe the two swords he wields are bastard swords. It has been a while...
  4. J

    Gary Gygax, World Dictator?

    According to Charles Stross, author, programmer and gamer extraordinaire, anyway: http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2006/07/gary_gygax_world_dictator.html Jason
  5. J

    Cleric of Wee Jas - View of Undead?

    Does anyone know anything about the "official" word of how clerics of Wee Jas view undead? As a LN god of death and magic, it seems like there are a number of ways it could go. Thanks, Jason
  6. J

    Complete Divine - turn undead feats

    Can someone give me a brief rundown of the feats in Complete Divine that allow a cleric to trade a turn attempt in for something else? Thanks, Jason
  7. J

    Looking for a character

    I am going to be playing in an every-once-in-a-while game using the Shackled City Adventure Path. The group has decided to all start as clerics or paladins of various PHB/Complete Divine gods. The GM has us starting at 1st level, and, if we choose to play a paladin, we get a free feat that...
  8. J

    Starting an Eberron Campaign - The Forgotten Forge

    I am starting an Eberron campaign tomorrow, and plan to run The Forgotten Forge. The PCs are: * A human cleric of the Silver Flame who's father is a high ranking priest within the church. Out to explore the world and bring flame and righteousness to wrongdoers. (NG) * A Warforged fighter...
  9. J

    Eberron/Sharn Primer?

    Has anyone developed a primer for players (or even for GMs) about Eberron and/or Sharn? I am looking for something to use with an upcoming game set in Eberron and starting in Sharn. I have both the ECS and the Sharn book, and will likely be getting Races of Eberron soon. Thanks, Jason
  10. J

    Feign Death spell?

    Does this spell exist anywhere for 3/3.5E? I am going to be running the Keep on the Borderlands as a 3.5E game, and this spell appears. If not, does anyone have a suggestion for a conversion? Thanks, Jason
  11. J

    Stupid question: a 7th level PC gets ? gold?

    I'm not near ANY of my normal reference material... What does a 7th level PC get in terms of gear? Thanks, Jason
  12. J

    Live in S. California? Question for you...

    My wife is working on something for school dealing with the supermarket strikes in Southern California last year, specifically the VONS/Safeway chains. If you live in an area that had a strike, VONS or otherwise, please reply. I have one or two questions I'd like to ask... Thanks, Jason
  13. J

    Sharn: How is it?

    I paged through Sharn: City of Towers at the book store, and it looked pretty cool. But I'd like a reccomendation from someone who's read it in a bit more depth than that. Is it useful to those of us not playing an Eberron camapign? Thanks, Jason
  14. J

    Suggestions for running an investigative-type game?

    I am planning on starting an Iron Kingdoms game in the near future. Usually, my games tend to be combat-heavy. But this time, I would like to gear the campaign toward more investigation and problem solving challenges. Does anyone have suggestions for this? Anything from "this book has...
  15. J

    FLGS in St Louis

    I'll be in St Louis Monday and Tuesday for business. Anyone have suggestions for a friendly local gaming store? Thanks, Jason
  16. J

    Looking for game shops around Killington, VT

    My wife and I are headed north (from PA) for a bit of vacation. And what kind of vacation is it if it doesn't involve looking for gaming shops along the way? We're staying in Killington, Vermont. Any good shops within, oh, 45 minutes or so of there? Thanks, Jason
  17. J

    [Request] City-sized space ship

    I am looking for pictures of some kind of city-sized spaceship. I guess like a Star Destroyer, without the baggage that comes with a Star Wars picture. I need it for an adventure I am running this weekend. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Jason
  18. J

    Looking for art - city-sized space ship

    I am looking for pictures of some kind of city-sized spaceship. I guess like a Star Destroyer, without the baggage that comes with a Star Wars picture. I need it for an adventure I am running this weekend. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Jason
  19. J

    [GenCon] RPGA Events?

    Can someone please remind me... how exactly do RPGA events at GenCon work? Are there prerequisites that I need before I should sign up for one (like, the D&D Open: Shards of Eberron), or can I just sign up, even if I've never played in an RPGA game before? And, while I'm here: are the "Open"...
  20. J

    [PsiHB => XPH] Suggestions for a PW built using Trigger Power?

    I am currently playing a Human Ftr1/Rog1/PW4. His schitck is to Trigger Animal Affinity on Str (Since he started with an 18 Str, he makes the Trigger roll fairly often), then Trigger on Con, then Dex, etc... Then he charges, screaming, into battle, waving his ancestral bastard sword around over...