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  1. Anastrace

    Looking for a paragon class from a dragon magazine article

    I've been thinking about making a 4e character, and I came upon a character idea from an old ideas folder. It was a class from dragon that allowed you to use different spellcasting abilities together (so you start as one class and take the multiclass feats for others). I want to look into it...
  2. Anastrace

    Returning player looking for shadowrun (5e)

    Hi all, I'm looking for a shadowrun (5e) game either near my area (ypsilanti MI), or online. I'm game for either. I also know the odds of finding a game are astronomically bad, but hey, I figure it's worth a try. Thank you for your time, Ana
  3. Anastrace

    Temple of Amenthia

    Has anything been fleshed out about this temple? I've used it in my background since it didn't seem developed, and I could build off it's vagueness. I'd hate to have stepped on anyone's toes though.
  4. Anastrace

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Society Question

    When I am creating a gunslinger at first level, can I use my starting funds to purchase ammunition at the discounted gunsmith rate as mentioned in the Additional Resources document? I just want to make sure that if I stock up on bullets/powder, and a few alchemical cartridges for my first...
  5. Anastrace

    Question on Character Build

    Hihi all, So I am looking at a replacement character after my last one met an unfortunate end at the hands of a fire giant. After perusing the d20pfsrd, I was looking at doing a gunslinger with the mysterious stranger and pistolero archetypes (which seems ok according to the srd), and bard with...