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  1. Aldern Foxglove

    Winter is Coming! A Dance with Dragons Release Date Announced!

    A Dance with Dragons will be released July 12th! :D Martin's Announcement its been, what, five long years, but it is finally almost here! The best fantasy series of all time gets another installment! And my god July seems a long way away! :lol:
  2. Aldern Foxglove

    Carrion Crown Player's guide available for download!

    Its finally up HERE.
  3. Aldern Foxglove


    So I just watched the first episode of Starz's new Camelot. I am not yet sold, but it was stronger than I was expecting it to be, looked higher budget than I anticipated and had a few decent actors thrown in. I am not sure about King Arthur, he does not look very kingly, though he is very young...
  4. Aldern Foxglove

    Cross class skills cap

    Right, so cross class skills are capped at 1/2 what they would be if they were class skills - even though the amount of skill points needed to reach that point would be the same. Now for some reason I am recalling a rule - and it may well have been a house rule, though I hope not - where if you...
  5. Aldern Foxglove

    HBO's A Game of Thrones - Trailer 4

    I cannot wait for this series! My favorite books of all time and it just keeps looking more and more amazing! The best trailer yet imo! Trailer 4
  6. Aldern Foxglove

    [LPF] Beggar's Belief

    Delve once again into the torrential onslaught of adventure that is living EnWorld! As another hapless party of adventurers attempt to survive the evil machination of the nefarious Aldern Foxglove! Will the devious devil of a DM add to his tally of scalps, or will the heroes prevail?! Judge...
  7. Aldern Foxglove

    [LPF] A Soul Indiscretion

    Another Living Pathfinder tale of daring do! Will the dastardly Aldern Foxglove *twirls his moustache* succeed in killing more of E'n's aspiring heroes, or will the adventurers overcome the odds to triumph! Judge: HolyMan DM: Aldern Foxglove Heroes: Amadeus Falkner: Human 1st Level Cavalier...
  8. Aldern Foxglove

    D&D 3E/3.5 Mixing PF with 3.5

    You can definitely incorporate Pathfinder elements into 3.5, they work fairly well, I'd recommend some of the spell changes to. If you go over to PF I would recommend against using 3.5 material, the numerous splat books just produce too many possible breakable options. And PF really does not...
  9. Aldern Foxglove

    [LPF] Buyer's Remorse

    Another astounding tale of adventure for the intrepid heroes of Living Pathfinder! Judge: To be determined. DM: Aldern Foxglove Heroes: Brân Duedd: Tengu 1st Level Bard Borric Hawkins: Human 1st Level Fighter Iosef Tellus: Aasimar 1st Level Paladin Sylvain Marana: Human 1st level Witch...
  10. Aldern Foxglove

    D&D 4E 4e Campaign worlds

    This is the Pathfinder RPG Discussion forum.... :erm:
  11. Aldern Foxglove

    Skin Deep

    == OPEN == No guards bar your way into Xirr, but you must pass through a gauntlet of hungry stairs and out stretched hands – and then there is the stench. Boils, pustules, and cancerous flesh are in evidence everywhere you look, and most of the despairing people no longer even make a token...
  12. Aldern Foxglove

    Skin Deep

    Please post a sheet, or a link to the sheet - if using an online character sheet - here. As I'll be using a fair few custom monsters in this so I will try to post them here to, once they have been encountered and gauged, etc.
  13. Aldern Foxglove

    PF: Skin Deep

    Skin Deep: Game Thread The great city of Xirr is a heaving cesspit of humanity. The diseased heart of a nation that has long since given up on the gods and turned to the worship of their tormentor Xall Lord of plagues, The Scaberous One. The people of Xirr tend great open temples...
  14. Aldern Foxglove

    Pathfinder 1E Living Pathfinder?

    Would anyone be interested in participating in a Pathfinder Living World here on EnWorld? I like the concept of the Living Worlds, but would rather play Pathfinder. If there is interest do you think we should attempt to get permission to run Living Golorion - I think there is a fairly good...