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  1. Destil

    D&D 4E My 4e House Rules - Yours?

    Standard free expertise. All defenders and melee strikers have a good melee basic for free, all ranged strikers have a good ranged basic for free. Magic items are boring in 4E, in most cases. This generally lets me replace them wholesale with more interesting ones of my own design. Decoupling...
  2. Destil

    D&D 4E The New Monster Math, Explained and Expanded

    Someone give Tequila some XP for me, I need to spread mine around.
  3. Destil

    D&D 4E My Least Favourite Thing About 4e is Forced Balance

    Blanket immunity to precision based damage for entire (popular) classes of monster is a stupid rule that couldn't have died soon enough. You're telling me a skeleton, which has basic human anatomy, has no weak points? And that you can't hit a critical gear in some sort of clockwork monstrosity...
  4. Destil

    D&D 4E Things 4E Did Well & Should be Kept in Some Form

    MATH. The biggest thing 4E did was kill the horrid, horrid 3E method of making monsters by piling hit die together and working at numbers based on those like making a PC. 4E just gives you an expected HP/Defense/Attack/Damage vs. level chart. It is a thing of beauty. They should add standard...
  5. Destil

    D&D 4E your 4E game is set...

    Running Eberron.
  6. Destil

    D&D 4E Is Paragon Tier the "sweet spot" of 4E? And other ruminations on the tiers

    My problems with paragon and epic is still the same as my biggest (design) problem with 4E in general: feats were carelessly left in it without good consideration for why, what they should do or where their power level should be. And have often been used to fix things instead of properly...
  7. Destil

    D&D 4E 4e virgin looking for answers

    Unless you spend an action point. Yes. Though they may not replace them, because that 'more powerful' bit doesn't apply correctly (especially for the psion and ardent, who have good selections of awesome level 1s). Sort of a major flaw in the system.
  8. Destil

    D&D 4E The "We Can't Roleplay" in 4E Argument

    Well, you see it's because in 4E if you want to talk to the noble you're hired by to up your fees you may just roll diplomacy, while in pathfin... Oh, wait. It has a Diplomacy skill, too. Yeah, I can actually buy this argument to some degree for earlier editions without social skills. But not...
  9. Destil

    D&D 4E Understanding 4e Weapons

    A friend of came up with this, his desire to build a 4E modern and add more firearm support. I've been attempting to use it to round one a few of my own proud nails, slowly, by trying to come up with rules to make martial weapons work on par with superior via feats. Ranged weapons really are...
  10. Destil

    D&D 4E New to 4ed Wizard Class

    Enchantment wizards are good at getting enemies to kill each other. Illusionists are good at screwing enemies over. The Illusionary Ambush and Phantom Bolt at wills, for example (though Freezing Burst is pretty much better than bolt in most ways until you start getting illusion benefits from...
  11. Destil

    Rules Cleanup - Weapons and Implements, Bonuses and Plusses

    Wherein I try and do everything I outlined in the first two points here. Doubt I'll ever even use this in a game, but it's been a while since I scratched my tinkering itch. To do Get basic list of common/uncommon/rare plussed items, establish baselines of what each class can do. Throw out most...
  12. Destil

    D&D 4E Need help with building encounters(4e)

    Can you post an example or two of the sorts of encounters you've been throwing at them? Also, where are your monsters coming from, which books. Not as big a deal at level 3 as paragon or epic, but many early monsters don't do enough damage (MM1&MM2)/are poorly designed in other ways(MM1). How...
  13. Destil

    D&D 3E/3.5 Converting a duskblade from 3.5 to 4e?

    Int/Cha hexblade could pick up the Sorcerer utility at-will that lets you fly Dex mod squares with multiclass feats. That should do it.
  14. Destil

    D&D 4E Three Moves to Fix/Change 4E

    Note: this is 4.5 territory. I wouldn't make all of these changes if I could, because they make the game to different in to many annoying ways. That said: +X items go to +9. Fixes nearly all of the math. There are no plussed items at 1st 11th or 21st level. Move some other items around to be...
  15. Destil

    D&D 4E How easy is GMing 4ed without Monster Builder?

    Building monsters in 4E is dead simple and a total joy. You don't even need a program, a simple spreadsheet of monster attack/defenses/damage gets the math out of your way (ultimate DM chart on the left).
  16. Destil

    D&D 4E PHB1 4e Human Cleric questions

    I would direct your DM to this thread. 4eNub's DM: Level 1. If you want things simple, start there. There is no better advice I can give. [Also, I'd suggest using the default array for stats, but that's not nearly as big a deal]
  17. Destil

    D&D 4E New to 4e and joining a Monsterous Campaign

    How about a character who's mechanically a Deva (use all the diva rules) but re-flavored as a Raksha?
  18. Destil

    D&D 4E [Essentials] Heroes of the... ?

    My favroite monster change this edition: the Ogre Mage is again the Oni.
  19. Destil

    D&D 4E [Essentials] Heroes of the... ?

    Champion - Martial/Primal Defender, based on the Barbarian. Troubadour - Arcane Controller, based on the Bard. Priest - Divine Leader, based on the Cleric (light armor & ranged build). Berserker - Martial/Primal Striker, based on the Barbarian. ??? - Arcane Striker, based on the Sorcerer.