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    Origins Event Registration: awful once again

    Surprised I didn't see a thread on this already, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. MAN. I've been going to GenCon and Origins for a decade now, and put up with some bad online ordering experiences, but this one was probably the worst. And, that was after GAMA delayed event...
  2. K

    Keep on the Shadowfell Pregens as PDFs

    Does anyone know where I could find the pregenerated PCs from Keep on the Shadowfell (including the "bonus" tiefling warlord) as PDFs? I imagine that they're somewhere on the WotC site, but 20 minutes of searching was fruitless, so I suspect I'm missing something obvious. Help!
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    Brett Favre retires

    A sad day in Cheeseland: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/football/nfl/03/04/favre.retire.ap/index.html?eref=T1 I've got so many memories of watching Brett play. I was lucky enough to see him play at Lambeau Field, over a dozen times. He sometimes got a pass from some people for making...
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    OotS #505

    Here it be: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0505.html Mostly serves to explain who knows what about the gates.
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    Little things that make you smile

    So, in this thread, we've spent 3+ pages griping about things that piss us off (with a preponderance of traffic issues :) ). In an effort to not be so much of a grouch...what are little things that happen to you that bring a smile to your face, or at least make the day a little bit easier...
  6. K

    Origins Event Ordering Starts 5/24 at noon Eastern

    Repost from the Origins Google group: ------------------------------------ You will have the ability to purchase your 2007 Origins events beginning Thursday, 24 May at Noon Eastern Time. To make this process as easy as possible, please log into the Origins Web site now at www.originsgames.com...
  7. K

    Zombie dire rats - filth fever?

    So, I'm using the zombie template rules in the MM to create zombie dire rats. Dire rats have an extraordinary special attack: disease (filth fever). The rules on zombies say: But, in the next paragraph it says: My gut tells me that zombie dire rats wouldn't still have filth fever, but I...
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    Irreconcilable differences?

    Britney Spears files for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences with Kevin Federline: http://www.cnn.com/2006/SHOWBIZ/Music/11/07/britney.divorce/index.html How can two goofy, dumb-as-a-post white-trash kids with questionable musical talents have irreconcilable differences? It would seem...
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    Southern Exposure is no more

    From the Double Exposure message boards: http://www.dexposure2.com/forum//index.php?topic=1711.new#new
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    Late, lamented (or unlamented) fast-food chains

    The "fish & chips" thread, and Mark CMG's comment about Dog & Suds, got me thinking about other fast-food chains that have been sent to the dustbin of history. So, feel free to add your memories of other chains you remember...you can add your memories of "mom and pop" places, too, but I'm...
  11. K

    Looking for a magic item to improve Will saves

    Our group has a Big Dumb Fighter who, as such characters tend to do, has an awful Will save. In our last session, the BDF was Dominated by a vampire, and very nearly wiped out the rest of the party. So, the party is very interested in finding a magic item that'll specifically improve Mr. BDF's...
  12. K

    What *is* it about paladins that makes people nutty, anyway?

    We keep getting threads about paladins, and "what to do" about them. On the first three pages of this board alone, we've got: - Can a paladin kill an accomplice to murder? - Inspired by the first thread, a thread on whether paladins should lose their abilities all at once, or piecemeal - A DM...
  13. K

    What the heck happened to Joshua Dyal?

    All this time, he's had the same avatar...that blonde angry comic-book-looking guy. All of a sudden, tonight his avatar looks like Gabby Hayes, as painted by Norman Rockwell. WTF?
  14. K

    Character Wealth -- only because I don't have my books here

    I hate to have to ask this one, but my DMG's at home, and I imagine that some friendly ENWorlder will come to my rescue. :D What's the suggested character wealth for a 17th level PC? How about 18th? Thanks in advance!
  15. K

    Gah! It's gonna be a long year for Packer fans...

    There are only a few real obsessions for me: gaming, Star Wars, and the Green Bay Packers. And this looks like it's gonna be a bad year for the third one. 0-2, with things not looking any better in the next few weeks. Next Sunday is the Bucanneers, who are 2-0. After that, it's Carolina, who...
  16. K

    Well, that certainly got my attention.

    So, I spent a good chunk of the weekend in the hospital, with all sorts of electrodes taped to my body. :p I started feeling just not so swell at GenCon...tired, and occasionally a racing pulse. I hoped I'd feel better when I got home (sleeping in my own bed, actually *getting* sleep, etc.)...
  17. K

    Barbarian starting wealth

    This is a really pathetic request, but at least it's a simple one. I don't have my PHB with me, and starting wealth isn't in the SRD. How many GP does a Barbarian start out with? Thanks in advance!
  18. K

    Is the Conversion Library coming back?

    The Conversion Library got taken offline a few months back, IIRC, with the thought that it'd be restored when the new server came online. I know that the server upgrade work is still not completed, but I'm curious if bringing the Conversion Library back online is still on the schedule. (I note...
  19. K

    Conversion Library still on the way?

    The Conversion Library got taken offline a few months back, IIRC, with the thought that it'd be restored when the new server came online. I know that the server upgrade work is still not completed, but I'm curious if bringing the Conversion Library back online is still on the schedule. (Edit...
  20. K

    Looking for an appropriate illustration for my PC

    I've got a new PC in the Legends of the Shining Jewel campaign (a "Living"-style campaign, independent from the RPGA). I'd like to try and find an illustration for Induron; I'm hoping there might be something out there that'd fit for him, so I'm asking for some help (note: I'm *not* asking for...