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    OotS 1180

    New comic is up.
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    OotS 1166 Dwarves *are* weird.
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    OotS 1157

    New comic: Somehow this all seems a bit ... slick. Whenever a plan appears to cover every contingency, something always get overlooked.
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    OotS 1156

    The new comic is up. A bit ... depressing.
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    OotS 1149 All I can say about this one is Hahaha!
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    OotS 1141

    The new comic is up:
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    OotS 1111

    The new comic is up: Seems like for once the Order aren't going to be the ones who are unpleasantly surprised.
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    Climate change -- what's really happening

    I think everyone on these forums has read enough fantasy books to see what's happening with about all the strange weather we've been experiencing the last few years. It's nothing to do with pollution or global warming. No, obviously some evil power is trying to bring about the end of the world...
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    OotS 1107

    The new comic is up: Looks like someone is following in his parents' footsteps: "Tunn unn deh!"
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    OotS 1103

    The new comic is up. "Stuck mint-in-package", hehe. Great joke in the very first panel.
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    The police in Dubai are developing working hoverbikes:
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    Rumour: an Obi Wan movie

    Apparently, the Star Wars spin-off movie after the one about Han Solo might be about Obi Wan Kenobi:
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    My cat's a sorcerer

    Sadly, he only knows one spell: Summon Visitors. He had an uncanny knack of leaving something very smelly in his litterbox about 3 seconds before there's a ring on the doorbell.
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    OotS 1066

    ... and all that. The new comic is up.
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    OotS 1062

    The new comic is up. Uh-oh.
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    Happy New Year!

    Best wishes for 2017, everyone!
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    OotS 1061

    The new comic is up:
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    OotS 1058

    The new comic is up.
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    OotS 1057

    The new comic is up. "The Eternal Pit of Mild Spring Temperatures", hehe.
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    OotS 1033

    The new comic is up.