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  1. Ulfgeir

    Musings about Science Fiction properties from Film/TV/Games/Books being turned into rpgs.

    In the most anticipated rpg during 2021-thread, I noteds that my musings of various SF-properties migth be better suited for a separate thread so here it is. OK, the two big ones that everyone knows about are of course Star Trek and Star Wars. They both already have their own games, and are...
  2. Ulfgeir

    Review The Dune Rose

    The Dune Rose is a Swedish indie-game originally named Ökenros, and is now translated into English. It is written by Wilhelm Person who has done a couple of other small games before, that are also availible in both Swedish and English, and it is illustrated by Ronja Melin (who really is an...
  3. Ulfgeir

    Why are character sheets so often badly designed?

    One thing that struck me yesterday, when my group made characters for the rpg Tianxia, is that the official character sheets often seem to be badly designed, with way too little space to write things. Tianxia, is a FATE-based game, as such you have your five aspects. Yes, there was room to...
  4. Ulfgeir

    The Troubleshooters rpg

    Well, The Troubleshooters rpg from Helmgast is now in the upcoming queue on Kickstarter. Doesn't say when it will go live, but as far as I know it should be soon. Personally I can't wait till I have the game in my hands. Guess I better start working on more scenarios though... ;) Link
  5. Ulfgeir

    Scion 2e - Short stories

    The following is the aftermath of something that happened in-game. It details the problems that supernatural events cause from the viewpoint of mortals. There might be more stories later. They will in that case not be made in chronological order. Edit for clarification: My character is...
  6. Ulfgeir

    Question regarding Call of Cthulhu and different versions

    Given that we here in Sweden will soon get the translated and localized version of Call of Cthulhu 7e (with lots of extra materials in the forms of adventures and so on), One question is how well does the material from one version work with stuff from other versions? Have only been a player in...
  7. Ulfgeir

    Problem with odd-sized books

    Found a somewhat irritating and in my opinion sub-optimal design of certain books regarding their format. In this case it is the setting-books for the John Carter rpg from Modiphius. The problem is that they are in a Landscape-mode, not the standard Portrait-mode. I did not think much of it...
  8. Ulfgeir

    What campaigns have you started that didn't work out (and not for bait & switch-issues)

    I started the planning for a campaign in Daring Comics rpg well before the 2016 US presidential election, and some of the choices I made, unfortunately did not work out that well for different reasons, which I will explain later. The choices I made was the following: The characters would be...
  9. Ulfgeir

    The Troubleshooters RPG

    Just gonna give you a heads up on a really cool game that a colleague of mine has made. A kickstarter will come soon. I have playtested it, and done a first proofreading. More proofreading will be done by native-speakers of English. We all love rpg's, and I hope that a lot of you guys like...
  10. Ulfgeir

    Dresden Files rpg: Dresden2Boston

    This is the chronicle I wrote for a campaign in Dresden Files. The chronicle is written in 1st person perspective, and contains some sex and violence. Was a few years ago, so I don't remember quite how explicit. The premise of the campaign when we started was that we were all students at the...