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    Paladins in AL: Unusual Gods (SPOILERS BELOW FOR SEASON 4)

    Hi, Ive recently started to run the season 4 scenarios the Beast and Im after some DM advice. One of the characters I have found out is a Paladin in service of Loviatar (who if you dont know is very much Lawful Evil and all about whips and Hurt and Suffering: ie the inflicting of it). Now Ive...
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    Some Feedback

    Recently I ran for a guy that had been gaming 'way back when' and had stopped and had just within the past 6 months restarted playing with 5e. He played in one of my 2 runnings of Suits in the Mists. To be honest I was expecting based on my first meeting, some interjections during the...
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    DM only thread: In game use of Items (obviously Spoilers)

    Hi, Before I start I want to be clear. I will be talking spoilers here and this thread is only for dms. Ive run a lot of games of AL now and given out a lot of Expeditions/AL scenario items. I have 2 rogues for example that use a certain +1 Drow origined Rapier in my 5-10 tables. I have...
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    What sort of character will you build for Curse of Strahd?

    Curse of Strahd is just over a month away and Ive already been formulating some character concepts. Perhaps not surprisingly , I have scheduled Suits in the Mists locally and notice on the 2 tables I already have 4 Paladins? Does anyone else have any idea what they might want to play? (keep in...
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    Matthew's Out of the Abyss: Campaign thread

    I have an annoying habit of stopping posting these so Im hoping to start one up before I even start the game. However this thread will be a mix between me musing what Im going to put in and what has happened Ill be having 7 players probably as my default again so increase in monster number...
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    Out of the Abyss: Multitude of NPCS

    Hi, After the TPK in Princes of the Apocalypse through Encounters, I have decided to start up Out of the Abyss. Ive been reading through, got my npcs cards ready to go. I do however am wondering how all of these are going to work having so many npcs trying to escape to. Did people involve these...
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    The List of Madness: THe Roll Call of the Crazed

    Like so many others Ive been running Season 3 expeditions. I recently ran No Foolish Matter twice and In both runnings Ive had at least one person go Mad Elven Bladesinger, failed his 3rd and final Madness save and is now a Hedonist. How he actually plays that Ive yet to see but Im expecting...
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    D&D 5E Scaling Battles: How? (Princes of the apocalypse)

    Hi, Im currently running Princes the Apocalypse for a 7 player group. We are currently about to hit the Circle of the Scarlet Moon . My Group range between level 5 and level 6. 3 6's and 4 5's. Now from my understanding the modules are written with 5 players in mind. Cant someone direct me on...
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    Factionless Characters: When sometimes your concept dosnt link up with a Faction.

    Hi, I ran a table recently which had 3/6 characters as 'Factionless'. The players all had access to the faction documents, yet still decided that they didnt want to join a faction. One player told me it was because it didnt really fir with his character, another player said they didnt like any...
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    SCAG Thread

    Hi, If like me you are an international AL player, you may have to wait awhile before grabbing the SCAG (Sword Coast Adventurers Guide) Now Ill state this now There is NO INFORMATION on which parts of the SCAG will be available if any for use in future AL . None. Do not ask here about when...
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    The supporting cast of Adventurers League: Why 'Evil' NPCS matter (Spoilers: Expeditions mostly)

    We are now into season 3 of AL and have seen more than 25 Expeditions scenarios go by ranging from Season 1 and the Dragon themed season to Season 2's elemental Evil and now Season 3's demon romp. For me as primarily a DM, Ive seen a fair few NPCS come and go. Some I thought would be more...
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    D&D 5E Earth Genasi Warlock for Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign: Invocation Suggestions!

    Hi, Ive built a Earth Genasi Warlock for a friends Princes of the Apocalypse game. His background was that he was at a Monastery training to become a Monk. Strange guys in Armor made out of Earth attacked, killed everyone and looted the treasury. The character was also 'kiiled' but woke up...
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    Running a 5-10 Tier game

    Hi, I very very rarely run a Tier 5-10 game (generally people cant turn up, or people complain to me about not running a 1-4 instead). Ive got a 5-10 coming up and would like some help where possible: Im looking at the stats for a Knight who has one of these: Leadership (Recharges after a...
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    Help with Princes of the Apocalypse

    Hi, Im running Princes of the Apocalypse for my local store (only table) and Ive been having a few off and off issues with difficulty levels namely I have a wildly fluctuating player level at my table. I ran Lost Mine where I ended up with some level 5 characters who have moved on to this...
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    Character Motivation: My Local Experiences (Warning Spoilers and possible Alignment discussion)

    Hi, First Ill get my prideful statement out of the way. For some time, Ive been running AL in 2 locations. Its taken a bit out of me (I also run Wed Encounters) and Ive been looking to recruit another Expeditions DM. I finally have found one I hope and we both ran Shackles of Blood last...
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    Roll of the Permanently Dead (Spoilers)

    Hi, this is intended to be the roll of the dead and is a place for players to list their characters name and how they died (level details too). It is ONLY intended to be for Characters that have perma died (that is the character is not back alive again or a Zombie/Skeleton for another...
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    Online Games: Why Recording of online games is great

    Id like to prefix what Im about to say first. Im almost exclusively an AL DM. I get to play maybe once every couple of Months and run Wed Encounters, and Expeditions almost every Saturday at 2 different locations. Im also sadly unable to play online games. Whilst there are games that fit my...
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    DM Discussion Thread : (Season 2) Tier 2 EXP (Light spoilers)

    This is not a thread about the exp a DM gets by running a tier 2 scenario. (It deserves it's own thread elsewhere). It is about some strangeness concerning the min/max exp rewards in some scenarios. Ive cultivated the following information from 4 Season 2 scenarios: Anyone else note how...
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    DM Discussion thread: The Occupation of Szith Morcane

    Hi, This is a DM discussion thread for the Occupation of Szith Morcane 3-03. Please add any information/feedback you want to give to other DM's for this scenario (ie if a V strong encounter is too deadly etc). If you are a player you should not be here. Matthew
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    I cannot find it currently, this this is a placemat for the level split for Princes of the Apocaylpse Hardback Module.